Friday, October 2, 2009

What are you really here to do?

I firmly believe we are each here for a reason, a purpose. I feel and experience that divine has a direct connection to how we got here and what gifts we bring to this life.

So I wonder, what are you specifically here to do?

I need your gifts. Others around you need your gifts. Can you imagine each of us as a cell in the organism of humanity? Consider yourself as a unique and significant part of how the whole grows and moves forward. Well, we’d be in a serious mess if every cell in the body decided to be a brain cell or a blood cell, or a skin cell.

Just like each of our bodies need all the different functions and processes from the billions of cells we are, so we need each other. When any of us hold back on bringing our most precious gifts to the world, some other part feels the lack or the overwhelm of picking up the slack.

It’s time to tap into your purpose and passion to support the change that is underway in the world. Culturally, being a professional is how this happens. Do you want to be part of the wave of change going through the world? Do you truly want to help others with your phenomenal gifts (that I KNOW you have!)?

Then come on, I dare you, I double-dog dare you to find a coach, a program, a system for getting your abilities out into the world in a way where those people who are hungry for your work find you and get what they need! AND you get the monetary support you need to have a good life, keep helping people and have some fun!

Can I help you get there? You bet! Would I love to have join the journey? Yes and Yes! Even more though, I’m not attached to who you work with or what approach you resonate with for your journey. What matters to me most is that you get out there and do it! NOW is the time to start your new service business.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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