Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Failure of Judgement

I found a friend and colliege's blog this morning. What a gift. I strongly encourage you to check it out at: http://www.sexorientationtruth.com/blog/post/2009/09/28/Live-Without-Judgment.aspx. And I'm going to riff a bit Constance's topic.

She so nails how stuck we are in the 1 or 0 culture and language. We just insist that everything is a yes or no.

And it's not! So often when dealing with businesses and coaching entrepreneurs the essential element is teaching them to see the space between the single two options that are usually the focus. Should I have my own business or practice, or work for someone else? Should I keep my business open or close it? Should I have a home office or rent space?

Take for instance, any decision you need to make today. Place one option in your right hand, now extend that arm out to your right side. Place the other option in your left hand, and extend that arm as well. Now focus on one hand and quickly look to your other hand, that other option. Look back and forth between the options a few times, moving your focus very quickly.

Now this time, move your attention slowly from one hand to other and SEE! Notice! everything that is between your hands. You can probably see the floor, or the room, or maybe a ray of light passing by. There's a wealth of potential between the options.

Here is where wealth, success and real problem solving exist. "Yes" and "No" turn out to be lacking in creativity, in juiciness, and in choice. Most of the times when faced with this kind of 1 or 0 choice we don't want either one! So fulfillment comes from the mix in the middle.

Consider the options and opportunities you might be missing when focusing on only two options in a situation. Slow down, feel more and look for the other choices that are likely to have been invisible before now.

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

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