Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sci-Fi + Christofer Marlow = Brilliant Success Secret

Got it figured out yet?

Well of course I hope you don’t! Otherwise, what’s the fun of reading the rest of my post? And there is a great, meaningful connection. I promise.

I’ve been reading and working “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss. His low-information diet is definitely showing me places to slim-down and beef up! I’m an avid science-fiction reader, so I’ve allowed myself an occasional extra hour of fiction reading beyond the maximum 1 hour a day he prescribes.

Today at lunch, I started a new book by Elizabeth Bear (definitely a favorite author!) and imagine my surprise when I ran into a SuccessHeart idea expressed by one of the best.

“All places shall be hell that is not heaven” –Christopher Marlowe, foremost Elizabethan author

That’s it exactly! When the work you are doing is YOUR heaven, it’s just that. Some days it’s definitely work, even a lot of work, but at the same time there is excitement, joy, the thrill of service, and so many more qualities.

Even the best job becomes hell if it not a match for your gifts, your purpose and your passion. I bet you know how that feels. I spent a few years in a really confusing work situation: I was making more money than I’d ever seen before. And I hated it. I was sick on every level and really confused.

· Isn’t this what everyone wants?

· What’s wrong with me?

· Why is it so hard even when I’m really good at what I’m getting paid to do?

The reason was simple: I was only about 50% aligned with what I was here to do and be. The activities that work demanded were definitely easy for me and I experienced a lot of joy from them.

But there was a problem. The WHERE was so insanely wrong it hurt me every time to just walk into the buildings. The WHY felt sooo sickening—I’m not one of those people who wants to work BECAUSE of the money. Many other qualities were just as bad a match. The only thing I got right was the minutiae! It was really sad and as one of my friends would say, “I was a mess in a dress!” (I usually wore pants to work, but go figure.)

So, as Mr. Marlowe so succinctly expressed my situation: all those qualities that did not define professional heaven for me meant it was hell. Regardless of how much the individual activities of my work did match my core.

So I ask you, how much of what you’re doing everyday, how much of your work is heaven? Or are those areas that don’t fit, don’t match, turning the good things into hell, too?

The heavenly parts are fabulous pieces of data…pay attention to those. And please, get yourself to a completely divine place! Your unique, heartfelt, truest place where you can be who you are, who the world needs you to be.

What’s your equation for SciFi + Christopher Marlowe = Business Success Secret?

Wishing you Success & Heart!

Heidi Sue

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