Monday, October 26, 2009

How do you get Passion and Inspiration to combine?

I’m just back from a great weekend with my own business coaches. I had a great rollercoaster ride during The Leverage Your Genius weekend with Jessie and Sharla. And it got me wondering: Are you willing to tap into your passion and inspiration? If so, what's your personal key?

This is the second time I’ve spent a weekend in their group coaching program where the inspiration that downloaded was just as huge as the content they downloaded to the participants.

And this is exactly the powerful results that happen when passion and inspiration intersect. Thanks to the weekend I spent with them a couple months ago, I launched a training course last week that actually starts on Thursday. That weekend also inspired another course that debuted this weekend and will start after the first of the year. I’ve never met a service that didn’t have income hiding in the nooks and crannies that escaped my awareness.

It can be tough to find the income-streams in our own work simply because you’re so buried in it! And usually the easiest, most obvious things that make a quick return aren’t even hard to implement. They are just hard to find because we’re so used to seeing our work just the way it is.

Well, this weekend turned out to be no exception. With presenters like Mike Hill who completely blew out any idea of what a big business is to the brilliance of Linda Clair Puig, Leverage Your Genius gave us access to genius I didn’t have before. At two different times when someone was presenting the curriculum, I realized I can create two more products that will support my peers and clients in earning more money even faster and with less effort. The best news for me personally is that in both cases it’s information and skill I’ve had for years—and wondered what the heck I’d ever accomplish with all I’d learned.

Now I know! My dad taught me that if something truly interests and inspires you, you should do it. He said there was no way to know how God would bring it all together in the future. And while I certainly don’t claim divine intervention on my behalf, I love the feeling of OH! I can use what I’ve learned in an unexpected way to help other people.

At least one of those new options will be a super bargain and will be out before the end of year. There’s some midnight oil in my future and I’m actually excited about it!

Do you have a place, person, or thing that illuminates the intersection of your own passion and inspiration? Whatever it is that does this for you…be sure to spend some time in that way to boost your success, your potential, your joy, and the fun of doing what matters to you most!

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

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