Friday, October 30, 2009

Asking Questions--A TOP Success Strategy

I read this article yesterday and couldn't wait to share it with y'all! Some of you may know that one of the things I teach and preach is that you've got to be able to ask the right questions of the right people. This is a make-or-break ability for anyone who wants to be successful individual. It's even more important for entrepreneurs and service businesses. When you don't sell "hard products" like a retail operation asking questions is the best way to get data about what is really going on, not just what you think is going on.

It's how you build, make and receive referrals. Asking questions is how you can figure out what to offer to do for your clients next!

So I'm tickled to feature this article by Suzanne Evans, Professional Help Expert

Remember, You Have to Ask!

One action you can implement immediately to help more people and make more money this month is to ask. It seems basic, just ask! It is so often overlooked. Have you asked for more business? Have you asked for more clients? Have you asked people to work with you? It's really fundamental.

The first thing I'd encourage you to do in asking is understand what you're asking for. What do you want your clients to look like, to be like? What is an ideal client? Get clear about that and know what you want from a client.

Also, just how do you know when you have it? If you're going to get really clear about what you're going to ask for, say, "How will I know when I'm standing in front of or speaking to the person that's right for me?"

Honor the value of the connection between you and the client. To ask for business, to ask a client to work with you, to ask a stranger if they're interested in Reiki or coaching or whatever it might be, you have to have a real respect and honor to the connection and relationship between you and the client.

Then the second part is having a plan for asking. "How am I going to ask? Where can I go to ask?" Take that vision that you worked with in part one and apply it to the plan. This is really key. What we don't ask for we never get. What we don't seek out never comes to fruition for us.

It's very powerful to ask for clients and business. A lot of people get scared about it. They say, "I don't want to ask. I just want people to see my value and come to me." Do you value yourself? If you're afraid to ask, I don't think you do.
Asking is such a powerful tool, because it allows the potential clients to know about you. That's number one, because people have to know that you’re there to work with you. But more so for you, it leverages the value of what you do, because you share it with others and you ask of them to take a part in your services, your gifts, how you help people.

So make a mini goal for yourself in the next couple of days, "How many people will I ask to work with me, or ask to have a complementary session, or ask to come to a complimentary seminar?"

Also, realize what you're asking for. Sometimes you're asking for a complimentary session. Sometimes you're asking for someone to be a client. It's all very relative, because certain things are going to be easier for some of you to ask for. Some of you may just be asking for them to be on your newsletter or on a mailing list. Decide what you want to ask for. See what feels comfortable to you and really ask for that.

Now here's one of the really important factors in asking. After you decide how and what your goal is and where you're going to ask people for business, be aware that it needs to be continuous. I don’t want you to just spend an afternoon and go, "Okay, I'm going to go ask 10 people. That's my goal, then I'm done." I want you to constantly and consistently ask.

Just focus on the asking, because it will prepare you for always being free and open to ask for business. That will serve you for years and years. You'll automatically start attracting clients.

If you ask for business, if you ask for the opportunity to share your gift with someone, you will automatically, consistently and immediately see a shift in your business.

--Suzanne Evans

Whenever I receive Suzanne's Ezine, I get a chance to read her helpful tips and enjoy being in communication with someone who "gets" doing business from heart. This came from Suzanne's Ezine...get your own copy of her great ideas by visiting her website at

Are you ready to get a jump-start on honing your skills in asking questions? Drop me an email to find out if I have any openings next week for 1 of 5 complimentary, 20 minute coaching sessions. You can get started on asking questions that help you and move your business forward.

Either way, the next time you go to ask a question in a business setting (or personal, it works there, too!) choose first what you'd like to learn by asking, then frame your inquiry so it fits that purpose.

Good luck exploring your reach by asking,

Heidi Sue

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