Thursday, October 8, 2009

The World Needs Your Message!

Can you feel, deep down in your guts and bones, how much the world needs your message, your gifts?

Most of our formative years are spent learning how to hide, adjust, and pretend to be what someone else wants us to be. This process is smart! We know we need to survive and all of these are fabulous survival skills.

Then, we leave school, we leave our parents’ home…and we discover that “We are perfectly adapted for a world we no longer inhabit,” Lansing Barrett Gresham. Each of us has learned to operate on a gameboard that we leave behind. The new places we go, visit, experience, and live frequently have very different sets of rules. What usually happens? We unconsciously start searching for a place and people who are at least close to those forms we learned growing up. This is more comfortable, more predictable, and easy to manage. And it reinforces all the “Don’t Be Yourself” messages that started coming in early on.

Then, the organism of humanity suffers. Some of you may have heard me say or read in other places that I believe humanity is a single organism. We’re in a world of hurt if we all insist on being liver cells. We’re here to complete different functions for each others. It’s the reason all those ways to “classify” ourselves exist (Myers-Briggs, Jungian Archetypes, even the DSM-V). Some of us are gifted with words, with numbers, with concepts, with sound…and so on.

Staying out of connection with your core gifts means some other part of the human organism is working harder than it’s designed to function.

We really do all need each other. That is growth, support, balance—that highly desirable state of wholeness. Individual wholeness means greater possibility for the entire population.

Whatever process or coach you choose, connect with that inner self and seek the path of bringing your gifts to the world at large. I promise it will be more fun than you imagined. More work, too, perhaps, but not all work has to be suffering!

Dedicated to Coach Louise--thanks for so much inspiration!

Wishing You Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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