Thursday, December 31, 2009

Create Powerful Results in 2010—Tap into the Theme for the Year

The theme or focus for this next year became clear over the last few months. As I’ve delved into research on how to market and do business in different ways for the upcoming, critical 18-24 months, this concept and change presented over and over. It’s revealed itself in conversations about personal development, business success, and how the world is changing.

So while you’re setting your intentions and creating your plans for the coming year, you can increase the effectiveness of everything you do by tapping into this powerful theme.

How do you do this? Start by asking yourself what is the difference, to you on a personal level, between cost and value?

We have been socialized, raised, and trained for a cost-oriented world and mindset in most developed countries. And most of us are weary of this process, the orientation to evaluate everything on a cost basis.

So what’s the difference? The measure and process of cost is all about the scales. Is the amount of money spent in balance with what one receives as a result of the investment? Does the energy expended justify the results (or the reverse)? And here lies the fatal flaw: every exchange is evaluated on the basis of what comes in and goes out. This conflicts with the idea that people, services, or raw materials have an inherent value.

Perhaps the best example of this comes out of the current effort to translate the concepts of Buddhist Economics into practices that are not tied to any given dogma. One of the problems in our global economy and recovery is that we do not have a value for raw materials, specifically for those non-renewable resources.

Business can tell you to the penny what it costs to obtain those resources (mine, refine, cut, shred, etc.). And no one has effectively assigned a value to the raw existence of the resources. This means we have no idea about the value of is lost or consumed by removing them from their current state. So we’ve got an economy that revolves around the process of consumption and gives no credence to the value of something existing before it’s consumed.

Now you may be wondering how the heck that has anything to do with how you do business and plan for 2010. Let me make the connection—it’s essential for your survival in the market in 2010 and beyond.

This cost-analysis reality has seeped into education, family values, social structures, and even religion in the developed world. We have completely lost track of the essential value of virtually everything.

Is any human being actually a renewable resource? Absolutely NOT! Every individual is unique—even identical twins are not 100% identical in their lives and selfhood. So the disconnect is the need to experience individual value of self apart from any other measurement.

What is a single human life worth?

What is the potential of any single individual worth on its own and to the entire spectrum of humanity?

And what is the worth, the value, of your inherent gifts and your commitment to bring them to rest of humanity?

The measurement of cost is breaking down. How quickly each person connects with individual value and the value of what we have to offer is the keystone to succeeding in the immediate future. You have heard that “People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.” Knowledge as a benchmark is another way to calculate cost. While it’s true that people need to know you care, what’s even more essential is YOU need to KNOW WHY you care and what you care about. THAT is how you establish value.

"Value Added" has been a sales concept for a long time. The idea of adding value to close the sale, to get the customer is just a regular thing that is done in business. It's time to realize that this is really the cart pulling the horse. Instead of adding value: BE value!

You cannot create more value than you experience for yourself. (Others can create incredible value based on what you offer, but your experience of satisfaction and service is directly related to your own perception of your value and the value of what you do.)

So if you want your goals and plans to be incredibly effective in 2010, determine what you value and why—and make experiencing that reality a daily priority for your success and service.

Have a blessed New Year. With all my heart I wish you Fulfilled Success for 2010.

Heidi Sue Roth

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is an "Anti-Niche" Website?

That's what I'm hear to answer for you today. Not only what it is, but why and how this happens. I found a blogpost Eric Thiegs wrote that led me to the deliberately non-niched website (that's Eric enjoying his daughter in the picture). He gave me a gracious, generous interview...check out how two guys instinctively responded to the changes in the market reflecting the problems with Niche Marketing.

Sometimes need, fortune, and brilliance converge

That’s exactly what happened for Eric and Joe, the founders of I had the opportunity to interview Eric after reading a blog post he wrote about being an Anti-Niche website. As my experience, research, and intuition all point at the ongoing need to discover marketing success beyond niche marketing in the New Economy, I was excited to speak to Eric by phone.

The site,, came into being based on the experience of Eric’s wife trying to conduct and create her own meta-searches. This was shortly followed by Eric hearing how other companies wanted meta-lists of potential costumers—and were willing to pay handsomely for them but they didn’t exist at this point—along with the decision to not make their brain-child website small, “niched” silos. Instead, the founders have them open to curiosity and potential investigation for individuals in specific stages of life with the ability to look at other transitions "sub-sites".

The website and their approach is impressive; I was surprised how long I spent simply visiting different channels. I went way over my “budgeted” time to check out the site before our call. Eric recognized a couple of important factors; this realization is one many Start-Ups and service-oriented businesses can use.

“I told Joe we’re going to spend all of this time to the niche, but we find out that college [age group] is just crazy and we should’ve put our resources in a different category. We’re going to be fighting for market share, it makes sense to do only one site.” Their decision to not chose a single age-group or life transition has created interesting affects. “It’s hard to [write] SEO this broad” Eric revealed honestly.

In the same vein, the visual identity of the site was a challenge. Finding images that would communicate across ages and stages without being inaccessible for any given age group was a hurdle. They tapped into custom artwork that reflects another change in taste that’s also at the beginning stages of becoming a wave: custom artwork rather than custom photographs.

The website reflects the newest, quietest trends in marketing. Best of all, this reflection is created for the best reasons: the need of the product, market and vision for the website. It’s not an artificial decision created to establish a niche or carve out one more sliver of marketing communication in a saturated arena. The art, the cross-transition design and meta-information approach create an amazing opportunity for website guests because they are a perfect match for the objective.

The real message of not immediately picking a niche market is to be true to your mission, your objective, and your reason for being in business. As a new business, choosing a niche too soon may very well be a waste of time and money.

Many new businesses discover they have a website, graphics and printed materials that end up not being a match for the actual market. Many business coaches will tell you that you have to create these things to succeed. I’m here to tell you that times have changed: niche marketing it not the foundational truth it used to be. Niche Marketing is part of the landscape, not the map. demonstrates this change beautifully.

And others, like Eric and Joe, have noticed that being too specific too soon is not always a recipe for success. Stay tuned! More interviews highlighting success apart from the message of Niche Marketing are headed your way.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue Roth

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Next Year's Economy--how can you make it during this time?

Welcome back! I don't know about you, but the holiday time was very tasty and way too much! Mom fixed our favorites and lots of things she only fixes occasionally. Even just a bite of each was a lot.

And as the year begins to wind down, maybe you're asking yourself how will I survive next year? As things move further into the New Economy (and make no mistake it IS here regardless what any pundits have to say we have not and cannot return to business as usual) are you wondering what qualities and tools you can use to do better than simply survive?

This post marks the beginning of a series about people who are using the principles and qualities of the New Economy to succeed. Keep watching for ideas you can use, and doorways to even deeper instruction on how you can translate these concepts directly into YOUR business! Today, I'm highlighting an article that shares tools and patterns that have the power to take you beyond just getting buy. Kirstin Olsen is an author, consultant, and national opinion-maker as she works with powerhouses such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kennedy School at Harvard University among many others. She has written an article about the skills New Learners need to do well in the New Economy. Guess what? They are the same skills you need as an entrepreneur in this market that is fresh, different, and waiting to recognized for it's existence.

Are you ready to learn what you need to succeed during the next year and beyond? Now's the time to consider how the same old advice IS NOT working. Once again, I saw multiple posts and releases today re-iterating the same old ideas. There ARE other options.

I know you're ready to new ideas, other directions and greater success. Here's a great place start. Please visit Ms. Olson's article--her New Learner tools are just what you need to be a successful New Economy Entrepreneur.

Wishing You Success and Heart,
Heidi Sue Roth

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pick a Niche...You'll be Rich. Is that True?

There's a saying that goes something like this "Pick a Niche and you'll be rich, without a niche life's a...beach." (I'm sure you get the drift of the saying.)

Is that actually true? This is an interesting business marketing rule that seems to beg to be broken. Over the next weeks you'll find information here regarding what's really happening out there in the market place regarding niches and niche marketing. These articles are the result of interviewing people who are out there and really working their businesses in this changing economy and market. You're hear what they've experienced and learned about niche marketing and their business.

We can already see the contrast around us: Coca-Cola (TM) is basically a non-niche product even if you include the sub-products for different demographics and tastes. Then consider the bomb of New Coke: an example of channel breakout failure! Contrast that with something like cordovan colored Kiwi shoe polish. The group of people left on the planet who polish their shoes on a regular basis and own cordovan colored shoes is definitely a more specific group. Apparently the market has room for both.

Over the next weeks I'll bring you the ideas, experienced perspectives, and new concepts to find your way through the changes that are already sneaking into the Niche Marketing world. That way, you can be ready instead of surprised by these shifts.

Heidi Sue

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Handling Niche-Market Exhaustion & Frustration

What do you do if you feel frustrated with either being part of someone’s niche market or trying to create your own niche market? It seems every person and product on the planet is trying to either gain a new niche, carve out a smaller niche for their own existence or just stick you into a niche. And yes, I agree, it can be really exhausting.

Start here when you go into negative experience or reaction on Niche Marketing: look to where this idea came from. The concept of niching as a marketing tactic that was taught and spread around the planet is about 60 years old. You won’t find a solitary event that indicates the advent of Niche Marketing. And in fact, when you really look into, people were practicing this kind of business approach for perhaps 100 years before that. What changed 60 years ago is that the approach of Niche Marketing became a business methodology that became accepted, expected, and taught as marketing success.

So it’s only reasonable that this methodology is getting stale. Nikoli Kondratiev discovered most economic waves have approximately a 60 year lifecyle (with fluxations of a bit longer or shorter). His calculations are incredibly accurate—even though other theorists are exactly sure why and continue studying this affect. On many levels, Niche Marketing is due for a change. So if you feel tired of being niched or working on your niche you’re in good company!

Once you understand that this type of thing works in waves, the next step is being aware of where the term even came from. It really comes from biological and ecological studies. The basic idea refers to the ability of living things to adapt in such a way that they optimize their usage of natural resources.

If you look at the research of how a biosphere interacts, you’d discover niching is different species tapping resources at different levels: right at ground level, say a foot off the ground, and others at even more different levels. In this way, there is greater distribution of both the resources and the species.

This is the problem and the solution. If an environmental shift of even small proportions occurs, any hyper-adaptations literally become the quality that drives a species to extinction. If you saw the movie “March of the Penguins” you saw this reality played out on the screen. Regardless of who or what creates that biosphere change (I do not endorse humanity wasting resources and continuing to abuse our own planet), a highly-specialized organism is at risk during changeable environments.

Yes, your business is an organism and can be viewed as its own entity—even if you have not incorporated to attain the defined legal status of entity. You don’t have to look very far in the business world to see this problem playing out around you. Right now you’re seeing the ongoing hyper-segmentation of marketing simultaneous with the failure of the long-standing structures created by this process.

How do you survive, or even thrive in the confusion? The most important point is one you’ve already heard from me. Be clear about your heart: why do you what you do? What is your passion? Check each and every activity in your day against this benchmark.

Does this specific action move me towards or away from increasing my passion? Even if you have things on your schedule that are not 100% about your passion and purpose, how can you be with each thing so that you do align it with some aspect of your divine drive? You can learn from just about anyone and nearly anywhere…how can this next experience be of benefit to your calling?

The other way to thrive in this arena is noticing when niching works and when it doesn’t. For example, you receive a marketing communication and you are part of the niche: do you like how it feels or not? What can you learn about how this person communicates niche?

Perhaps even more valuable in this shifting economy, when you experience niche marketing and you don’t like it—why not? What do you wish was different about this communication or experience? How can you adjust your communication to reflect what you learned?

With all the change-waves working in the world how we market is die for an upgrade. I’ll keep you posted as those changes make their appearance known! And get started now learning how to thrive during the change-cycles.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you making yourself an unhappy entrepreneur?

Good Afternoon!

If you've been watching you know that when I find useful information I believe it's only fair to pass it on. Today, I have an article I highly recommend. You may look at the title and go, what? That's not for me--I'm not buying a business. I still suggest you download & read the article. Since it's not very long, so you've got double-the-reason to get this information. If you're into reverse engineering or at least willing to consider the concept, you'll learn what to avoid so you don't end up an unhappy entrepreneur.

This article highlights quickly and specifically some of the common pitfalls you can meet on the Entrepreneur Path. While Dr. Hollerbach writes from the perspective of someone buying a business, she describes the situations that are serious problems whether you stand on the seller or buyer side of the transaction. And often, if it's your business with these problems, learning see them clearly can be very painful. Each big "OUCH!" on this list has a direct connection to something you don't want to do in your business.

The article is from the Taku Group. How to Not Buy a Business--Unless You like to Overpay for Risky Businesses with a Cloudy Future. In the article you'll learn three basic arenas where you need to be well informed and specific symptoms of when you don't know enough.

You absolutely need to know:
  • The real cash flow in your business based on appropriate accounting principals
  • Market conditions that relate to the value of your business
  • How personality impacts the success of your business

WHY are these things valuable to you?

The cash flow situation is basic survival. If you don't know, you're lost without a map in a dark, lonely place. You could end up without a business, facing bankruptcy, or worse with perhaps no idea how you got there. In addition, borrowing money and managing credit become an impossible thing. Please don't let that be you.

The situation with market conditions is far reaching: if you stay on top of how and when things move you can make changes before it becomes a painful problem. Minimum wage changes are a great example. Not preparing for this kind of adjustment can be devastating. If you only have 1 or 2 employees and you rely on them extensively, something this small can bring a small operation to it's knees. Likewise, someone new may come into your market segment--knowledge may not be direct power today but being informed is clearly how you can choose a powerful direction!

The personality piece is the least obvious to most new business owners. I cannot tell you the number of small businesses I'v watched struggle with this factor failing to achieve additional success and growth. Your successful business may be a big boost to your sense of self. Most people who grow something from nothing to any level of success heavily invest their own blood, sweat and tears (and money). Or maybe you and a key employee have done so. If you want more time off, want to reach more clients, or simply want to make more money, you must sidestep the reality of a 1 to 1 relationship between you and your business.

Shifting or maintaining your internal, personal reality so that your business is NOT your identity is a large key to succeeding. Furthermore, it's the path to finding your way to more free time along with more focus on what moves you. If you are sure your business cannot survive without you, you're right! That model is not sustainable for anyone. Just as Dr. Hollerbach's article reflects how hard it is to deal with this kind of business owner during a sale, I promise you it's hard for everyone else to deal with your lack of separation between the business and your personality on a daily basis. Just as a hyper-involved parent suffers when a child breaks free, you're setting yourself up for hardship and more likely failures if this is the only way you know to relate to your business.

So? Are you going to download the article? Of course you are: Go on! Have a great day! Dr. Hollerbach's style is easy to read and direct. You'll find it well worth your time.

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

Friday, November 6, 2009

Asking, and Receiving an abundance...

Are you doing the asking you needed to develop and maintain your business? If not, I want to inspire you with what's possible when you ask.

I recently had the opportunity and challenge to ask some people for assistance with a variety of projects and challenges currently on my plate. As a very independent female who enjoys feeling competent, asking for help is not one of my native virtues.

I have been completely blown away by the responses when I have simply asked. Each contact involved being very honest about the individual challenges. Likewise, to be okay with myself, I had to own that I needed help and acknowledge that there was always the potential to be told no--and be committed to not holding anyone emotionally hostage if they did say no.

What happened? Blessing beyond anything I imagined and the resulting magnitude of gratitude I feel at all the different ways people have said yes, they want to support me. Consistently, my network has been over-the-top amazing.

So what could happen in your business if you just asked for the opportunity to support someone with your work? With your gifts?

Did you ever think that by not asking to serve someone, they are missing out on the opportunity to co-created their growth, healing and well-being?

I continue to dare you to ask. No, I double-dog dare you!

Ask you you can serve. Ask how you can support. When someone describes their need for exactly what you do, ask if you can tell them a little bit about working with you.

Ask and you shall receive is true. Ask and you shall serve is just as valid.

Have a super weekend!

Heidi Sue

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Power of Your Truth

Happy Thursday!

Is anyone else out there having an interesting week? Last week I had the opportunity to meet some very unexpected financial impacts. Sometimes breakups are messy and surprises might happen.

I bet you've experienced unpredicted money stuff at some time in your life, too. Like grief, there's a process to owning and accepting these events. When you're willing to learn, money is the perfect reflection of your life lessons. Whatever money-reality stubs your toe is a pattern that happens elsewhere in your life. (You can bet I'm looking closely into this for myself as this experience unfolds.)

And there's still something that's true. The power of your SuccessHeart is still available, still real-- even in the midst of these experiences. I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's happening daily in my life--nearly every hour.

I've written before about tapping into your mission for life, your calling for your work to the deepest extent you can. Your ability to feel and articulate your mission is a direct reflection of your success. It's impossible to under-estimate the value and power of doing this.

How do I know? Because I have both witnessed and experienced how people respond when the vibration of your work is a match for their needs. When's the last time you had conversations in less than 24 hours and found that 4 people took the next step in working with you? This may be setting up an appointment for a follow up, making a down payment, or whatever the next step is. Does this happen because I'm so great at conversations? Sure, I've got some skill in that area--and that's not the deciding factor. People don't buy a sales pitch. They want the connection, the support, the quality of the conversation.

You can create that just like I can. You may need to master some skills to get where you want to go. But crazy, mad skills without the focus, without the heart behind your work creates stress for you, your body, your life. You've heard and watched many people who had success and no heart some day come to their senses!

Have you found your core calling? The deepest reason for doing what you do?

If not, come one! Find it--and find an amazing door to changing your life, the lives of your clients and increased success.

Have a great night!
Heidi Sue

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The “Give Up” Test

Sometimes, a quick and “dirty” test can get you started on an amazing journey. Today, I challenge you to do the short-version of The “Give Up” TestTM. While I use a more developed form of this tool for Life-Purpose coaching, the short-version is great, too!

Until you’re pushed, you may not have any idea what you would or would not give up. This experiment came from a year when I had anemia so bad I could hardly do anything. I’d sleep 13 hours a night and have to rest after even the most basic tasks. Choosing what to include and what to leave out of my life at that time was a huge surprise. The things I was completely unwilling to give up were an unexpected revelation. Now that I’m recovered, I’m still creating more room for those things in my life that I discovered I literally couldn’t live without. Testing what you’re willing to give up is a short path to honing in on your passion and by correlation, your success.

The quick and dirty version of this is to write a list: include everything you want to do and everything you feel you need or have to do. Once that’s done, go back to the top and consider the first item on your list. Would you be willing to give up this item if you can have anything else? If so, is that something else on your list? If not, add it to the bottom of your list. Compare those things again. If you could actually have the thing you prefer, would the impact of giving up this other commitment or dream be worth it? Are you willing to pay the price for giving up this one item on your list?

Each time you cross something off the list as worth giving up for another item, put a hash-mark next to the item that “Won” the competition. (It’s fast and easy to simply use the four-lines with a diagonal line counting system we used at kids.)

Work your way through the entire list until you get down to a noticeably smaller list. Don’t stop until you’re down to no more than ½ of what you started with. It’s even more valuable if you can give up all but a ¼ of what you started with. Now, the deeper part of this process comes out. Begin to decide which if any of the remaining items you are willing to give up and deal with whatever the impact giving up this thing would create, in order to keep something else on the list.

Your first thought may be you’re not willing to give up anything that remains. Keep going. Until you’ve compared each item on the remaining list to every other thing left and found you’d actually feel heartbroken, depressed, or incredibly sad to loose an item, don’t give up on the process. Instead of thinking about really hard, focus on how feel when you imagine not having or achieving this item. Thinking may just take you in circles here. Feel your truth!

If you’re like me, you may find that there is still more on your list than seems like it will fit into your life. That’s okay. Look at how much more is possible when you notice what matters to you the most? Those activities, dreams, or wishes that leave you feeling devastated when you contemplate not having them in your life bring you that much closer to connecting to your passion, your mission, your calling.

What are you willing to give up so you get what you want? The real secret is how much of what you want is hiding behind all the extra stuff that is just routine or not even that important.

I dare you! Do less of what you think has to be done and more of what you’re called to do!


Heidi Sue

P.S. Drop me an email if you want a complete version of The “Give Up” TestTM

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Define what you want to Create your communication

Have you cross-pollinated the focused techniques of Internet Marketing? Regardless who you read or listen to, the basic idea is that every email, every page, every communication should point the recipient to one action. Focus on the specific step you want your reader to take.

This is also true for business communication in general. If you go into a meeting or a telephone conversation without a specific result in mind, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! Nothing specific—or more likely you’ll get nothing at all. The principal of pick an outcome and plan to create it is another TOP Success Strategy. (No, I don’t know how many we’ll have at the end of the cycle, so wait for the summary article!)

Most of us are so busy we don’t have time to drive aimlessly through our business activities. Sure, hop in the car and cruise around for a break, out of curiosity, or because you’ve got a great convertible. When you’re aimless about your business activities, you pay the price, but it gets worse than that. Your clients pay the price.

People want value. They want help, impact, results. Curiosity with a purpose is completely different than just wide open curiosity. If you’re not honed in on results, clients vote with their feet, their pocketbooks.

I want to be clear that sometimes the result or outcome you’re focused on is simply continuing the conversation. Say you meet someone for the first time and you’re not sure if they are a good match for your service as either a client or a referral partner. The reason to have the conversation is obtaining permission to keep talking. So adapt your questions and responses accordingly.

As the conversations continue, maybe your objective becomes signing someone up for a program or package. You’ve found out they have a need you can meet and they are someone you’re actually willing to work with (work is more fun when you have clients you like to work with). So once again, you focus your curiosity and conversational skill on creating the experiencing of both the need for and the outcome of working with you.

If you don’t know what outcome you want while connecting with this person, it’s easy to be distracted, to communicate in a way that confuses your listener, and undermines your desire to serve.

The next time you’re going to pick up the phone or enter a meeting, pick one thing you want to get out of the process. Even if you have smaller goals, articulate out loud or on paper that single over-arching objective of the event. Then focus all your attention on listening for clues regarding that objective and responding to questions that also lead that way. Let the others wait, rest or fade away.

In this world of information overload, choice proliferation, smaller resources, and compressed time, your focus will be appreciated and may very well make the difference between moving forward with a new client or treading water until you’re exhausted.

Pick your single objective for each encounter and then design your actions and words to move in that direction. You might find out the other person or people don’t agree: information just as useful as getting what you desire. Whether you need to make a list for the event or can hold it in your head, choosing a single outcome is a fast, simple way to boost your success.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

Monday, November 2, 2009

Riding the Wave

Transition is the name of the game right now. Some economic indicators seem to be good news. On the other hand, some social patterns seem less inspiring. And even while the whiplash of news and information progresses, miracles and tragedies both happen on a community level.

So our current climate begs the question: Can you ride the wave? Even more pointedly, WILL you ride the wave?

Just about everyone I've spoken with over the past couple weeks has been in the midst of confusing, simultaneous experiences. "Yeah!" for one moment, and then crushing, "Ooww!" the next. When transformation of anything is happening quickly, we have the opportunity to dance with the unknown. Will the next thing lift you up? Will it drop you low? What can you do in response? How will you choose to authentic, strong, flexible? What does it mean to support your clients when you ride the maelstrom?

There is not a single answer to give or factor to calculate in this environment that's true for everyone. Except for one thing: how commited are you? How dedicated are you willing to be?

If your work and your professional independence are not a match for your core, SuccessHeart calling, this trial by extremes may reveal that mis-match. Accepting that and changing accordingly is completely appropriate.

On the other hand, if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your work is and that how you do that work is equally important, you get to explore the depths of your commitment, willingness and ability to trust Source to catch you when the wave crests over you. Those tumbles can be intense with lessons learned that have the potential for unimagined transformation.

Is money a challenge? Transform your relationship to it and see everyone respond in kind.

Is taking care of yourself a challenge? You can learn to value yourself and your gifts to create another kind of transformation wave.

Are you tired of doing a familiar dance with a long-term-relationship? Decide to change your steps, the music or both.

Or notice and ride your own wave of transformation.

Regardless, the question is will you show up with your board and other gear, and commit to the process of exploring riding the waves of your own life?

Or will you stay on the beach, just talking about surfing. The real test of success is heading out and picking yourself up again. The more waves you ride, the more likely you are to succeed. It's time to enjoy the economic wind in your hair, the sting of social expectations in your face, and the sense of your own feet and balance on the board of your experience.

Can you ride the wave? Will you ride the wave?

See ya' out in the surf...

Heidi Sue

Friday, October 30, 2009

Asking Questions--A TOP Success Strategy

I read this article yesterday and couldn't wait to share it with y'all! Some of you may know that one of the things I teach and preach is that you've got to be able to ask the right questions of the right people. This is a make-or-break ability for anyone who wants to be successful individual. It's even more important for entrepreneurs and service businesses. When you don't sell "hard products" like a retail operation asking questions is the best way to get data about what is really going on, not just what you think is going on.

It's how you build, make and receive referrals. Asking questions is how you can figure out what to offer to do for your clients next!

So I'm tickled to feature this article by Suzanne Evans, Professional Help Expert

Remember, You Have to Ask!

One action you can implement immediately to help more people and make more money this month is to ask. It seems basic, just ask! It is so often overlooked. Have you asked for more business? Have you asked for more clients? Have you asked people to work with you? It's really fundamental.

The first thing I'd encourage you to do in asking is understand what you're asking for. What do you want your clients to look like, to be like? What is an ideal client? Get clear about that and know what you want from a client.

Also, just how do you know when you have it? If you're going to get really clear about what you're going to ask for, say, "How will I know when I'm standing in front of or speaking to the person that's right for me?"

Honor the value of the connection between you and the client. To ask for business, to ask a client to work with you, to ask a stranger if they're interested in Reiki or coaching or whatever it might be, you have to have a real respect and honor to the connection and relationship between you and the client.

Then the second part is having a plan for asking. "How am I going to ask? Where can I go to ask?" Take that vision that you worked with in part one and apply it to the plan. This is really key. What we don't ask for we never get. What we don't seek out never comes to fruition for us.

It's very powerful to ask for clients and business. A lot of people get scared about it. They say, "I don't want to ask. I just want people to see my value and come to me." Do you value yourself? If you're afraid to ask, I don't think you do.
Asking is such a powerful tool, because it allows the potential clients to know about you. That's number one, because people have to know that you’re there to work with you. But more so for you, it leverages the value of what you do, because you share it with others and you ask of them to take a part in your services, your gifts, how you help people.

So make a mini goal for yourself in the next couple of days, "How many people will I ask to work with me, or ask to have a complementary session, or ask to come to a complimentary seminar?"

Also, realize what you're asking for. Sometimes you're asking for a complimentary session. Sometimes you're asking for someone to be a client. It's all very relative, because certain things are going to be easier for some of you to ask for. Some of you may just be asking for them to be on your newsletter or on a mailing list. Decide what you want to ask for. See what feels comfortable to you and really ask for that.

Now here's one of the really important factors in asking. After you decide how and what your goal is and where you're going to ask people for business, be aware that it needs to be continuous. I don’t want you to just spend an afternoon and go, "Okay, I'm going to go ask 10 people. That's my goal, then I'm done." I want you to constantly and consistently ask.

Just focus on the asking, because it will prepare you for always being free and open to ask for business. That will serve you for years and years. You'll automatically start attracting clients.

If you ask for business, if you ask for the opportunity to share your gift with someone, you will automatically, consistently and immediately see a shift in your business.

--Suzanne Evans

Whenever I receive Suzanne's Ezine, I get a chance to read her helpful tips and enjoy being in communication with someone who "gets" doing business from heart. This came from Suzanne's Ezine...get your own copy of her great ideas by visiting her website at

Are you ready to get a jump-start on honing your skills in asking questions? Drop me an email to find out if I have any openings next week for 1 of 5 complimentary, 20 minute coaching sessions. You can get started on asking questions that help you and move your business forward.

Either way, the next time you go to ask a question in a business setting (or personal, it works there, too!) choose first what you'd like to learn by asking, then frame your inquiry so it fits that purpose.

Good luck exploring your reach by asking,

Heidi Sue

Down Economy...Up Opportunity

You've got to wonder when large media outlets feature growth opportunity for small business if either something has changed, did they realize that doom and gloom weren't selling magazines, or did someone else finally notice how many businesses that started during the depressions are still here and those that succeeded did so in huge ways?

Take a look at just one list and if you haven't considered it before, this can be a real eye-opener. One of the things that commonly happens, and this is even more common in small business, is pulling everything in and down. Do we need to in some areas? Definitely! And activities that reach customers actually need to be increased! In most cases, your competitors are going to be doing less to reach clients. The perfect time for you to reach even more--and be set for an even greater explosion when the upswing begins.

So here are some top-tips for launching or expanding your business in a squeeze-economy.

1. Talk to your existing clients! Find out what they love about you, your service, etc. And find out what they wish worked better. Jump on the band wagon to fix the things they don't like. Then, find more people like your existing clients as they are more likely to love you, too!

(Most of you know you want to find clients like the ones you have--and I can't tell you the
number of businesses who completely forget to ask their current resources. In my book,
that's criminal. That's the same has having someone hand you a bar of gold and you make it into gold flake to pu on your hamburger when you can barely afford groceries. Okay,
soapbox going away now.)

2. Identify the least expensive way to reach that target market--ask yourself 5 times how can I do this for less money?
(I know, this is another one that seems obvious, and still most people over look this. For
example, you're an insurance agent and you want to reach more renters--fast sales cycle, smaller claims, and a small percentage will become long-term clients who buy houses, have
kids, etc. It's probably LOTS less expensive to take whatever mailing piece your company has and get a version of it printed for you by your local printer on less expensive paper and leave off your picture. Then, each day, take a one-hour walk for lunch and drop off the door hangers in appropriate neighborhoods or spend time calling on leasing offices. And go back to the offices at least once a month, build that long-term relationship.

3. Create less overhead in your operation. This is a case of reverse engineering "follow the money."
(Take a day or two trace, in great detail, exactly where and how many places a dollar goes
after it comes into your business. How many people have to "handle" that dollar and in how many ways? Eventually, how does that dollar get spent? What steps can be shortened or even eliminated? Can you set up some things to be handled automatically? Start looking in the nooks and crannies of your process to put the profit-squeeze on your cash flow. )

4. Do a lateral comparison: This refers to shopping a complimentary or auxiliary business to your own. Instead of shopping the competition, look for services or providers who are "next door" to what you do.
(Look for what you like about their business, marketing materials, and how or if it might
appeal to your key customers. This gives you ideas on how to connect with those key clients
in a greater way and tells you who might be good referral alliances for your business.(

Spread your wings, entrepreneurs! It's the perfect time to power up your courage and intention so you can serve more people during this time when we so desperately need to support each other!

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Failure of Judgement

I found a friend and colliege's blog this morning. What a gift. I strongly encourage you to check it out at: And I'm going to riff a bit Constance's topic.

She so nails how stuck we are in the 1 or 0 culture and language. We just insist that everything is a yes or no.

And it's not! So often when dealing with businesses and coaching entrepreneurs the essential element is teaching them to see the space between the single two options that are usually the focus. Should I have my own business or practice, or work for someone else? Should I keep my business open or close it? Should I have a home office or rent space?

Take for instance, any decision you need to make today. Place one option in your right hand, now extend that arm out to your right side. Place the other option in your left hand, and extend that arm as well. Now focus on one hand and quickly look to your other hand, that other option. Look back and forth between the options a few times, moving your focus very quickly.

Now this time, move your attention slowly from one hand to other and SEE! Notice! everything that is between your hands. You can probably see the floor, or the room, or maybe a ray of light passing by. There's a wealth of potential between the options.

Here is where wealth, success and real problem solving exist. "Yes" and "No" turn out to be lacking in creativity, in juiciness, and in choice. Most of the times when faced with this kind of 1 or 0 choice we don't want either one! So fulfillment comes from the mix in the middle.

Consider the options and opportunities you might be missing when focusing on only two options in a situation. Slow down, feel more and look for the other choices that are likely to have been invisible before now.

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

Monday, October 26, 2009

How do you get Passion and Inspiration to combine?

I’m just back from a great weekend with my own business coaches. I had a great rollercoaster ride during The Leverage Your Genius weekend with Jessie and Sharla. And it got me wondering: Are you willing to tap into your passion and inspiration? If so, what's your personal key?

This is the second time I’ve spent a weekend in their group coaching program where the inspiration that downloaded was just as huge as the content they downloaded to the participants.

And this is exactly the powerful results that happen when passion and inspiration intersect. Thanks to the weekend I spent with them a couple months ago, I launched a training course last week that actually starts on Thursday. That weekend also inspired another course that debuted this weekend and will start after the first of the year. I’ve never met a service that didn’t have income hiding in the nooks and crannies that escaped my awareness.

It can be tough to find the income-streams in our own work simply because you’re so buried in it! And usually the easiest, most obvious things that make a quick return aren’t even hard to implement. They are just hard to find because we’re so used to seeing our work just the way it is.

Well, this weekend turned out to be no exception. With presenters like Mike Hill who completely blew out any idea of what a big business is to the brilliance of Linda Clair Puig, Leverage Your Genius gave us access to genius I didn’t have before. At two different times when someone was presenting the curriculum, I realized I can create two more products that will support my peers and clients in earning more money even faster and with less effort. The best news for me personally is that in both cases it’s information and skill I’ve had for years—and wondered what the heck I’d ever accomplish with all I’d learned.

Now I know! My dad taught me that if something truly interests and inspires you, you should do it. He said there was no way to know how God would bring it all together in the future. And while I certainly don’t claim divine intervention on my behalf, I love the feeling of OH! I can use what I’ve learned in an unexpected way to help other people.

At least one of those new options will be a super bargain and will be out before the end of year. There’s some midnight oil in my future and I’m actually excited about it!

Do you have a place, person, or thing that illuminates the intersection of your own passion and inspiration? Whatever it is that does this for you…be sure to spend some time in that way to boost your success, your potential, your joy, and the fun of doing what matters to you most!

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Create & Love Your Business Program

"Are you ready to stop trading your valuable hours for small amounts of money and START making money doing what you love...while having heart and passion in your success?"

Imagine--a step-by-step method to define and create your business so you can be AUTHENTIC and FREE to be yourself while making money easily, consistently.

Dear Friend,

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You KNOW you can make a huge difference for people. In fact, people who get a free-taste of your work love it! But the money coming in still isn't where you want or need it to be--and you've no idea what to do instead.
  • Your time and activities revolve around low-return actions or contacts, creating individual opportunities to just get the money moving. So if you're finding people to be in front, you have no potential to make any money. And its definitely--desperately--time to get money moving into your work and your life.
  • You've put your offering out there for maybe complimentary sessions, free classes or free samples and found out not only is it harder than you thought, the results were much less than your worst-case-senario.
  • You are completely over people telling this is a great idea, you're amazing at what you do. Perhaps that was interesting at first, now even THAT part of doing your thing is boring. You want to make pay your bills, save a bit, AND be amazing.

I've got SUPER news to share with you -- you are SO in the right place right now!

My name is Heidi Sue Roth, the SuccessHeart Entrepreneur famous for my Midas Touch with businesses. Why? Because creating lucrative businesses is what I do best.

In fact, I've gotten so good at this that I've done it repeatedly for the past 15 years.

  • I created the program for an insurance agent that needed to make money fast. The result was an average 300% growth for the first three years for an industry that usually saw about 30% annual growth.
  • And a cosmetics line that was brand new to the USA was a chance to create a fabulous client base in 6 months that earned me a Cruise, an extra $2,000 a month, and much more.
  • I also joined a consulting firm struggling through the transition between owners. Again, in a couple of months things took off. Four years later, the largest contract earned was $1.6 million dollars!

I don't share these numbers to brag, I want you to know that I've learned a thing or two about how to start a business and make money doing so. I've repeatedly built 6 figure businesses from nothing or even less than nothing! And now I've got it down to a science.

What's my secret? Here it is, short & sweet:

Get the Right Answers

Yes, all of these successes come from getting the right answers! This is the easiest, fastest way to get things together so you can make money and do what you're good at.

In fact, when you know how, Getting the Right Answers is the fastest way to:

  • Capture your Brilliance in such a way that you get to enjoy doing what you love and get paid for it! This is much easier than you might think AND a lot more fun than you can imagine.
  • Make a Big Difference for your clients and the world while creating an income for you!
  • Create a market before even spending a penny on your service or offering!

But there is a catch. As simple as it is to hang up a shingle or get your business cards printed, it is NOT easy to get these kinds of results. (As many of you know from struggling first hand with how to get to your market and receive money for what you do.) This just adds insult to injury. You work like crazy, doing everything and anything you can think of only to still be something great that no one has heard of and you're just more broke than when you started. So this free preview call is essential to your success.

But it's only the beginning. You ALSO need to know...

  • WHICH questions to ask to Get the Right Answers
  • WHO to ask to Get the Right Answers
  • HOW to ask those questions so you Get the Right Answers you need to succeed and enjoy your work.

Maybe you've read free reports, signed up for free preview calls and are working what you've learned as much and as well as you can. And it's still not going the way you want. You've been trying to cobble stuff together for your business by copying this website and any other success-information you can find.

Are you ready to really get started? Click Here! Enter your email address to go to the purchase page.

Or Maybe you have more questions, because you can tell it's STILL not working is it?

That's because you don't have the ENTIRE system. You see, I've got this down to a science. I know PRECISELY what you need to do and WHEN you need to do it to get the BEST results.

PLUS, there are CRITICAL things you must do -- they might seem unimportant so you might be skipping them and not realize that the key to success lies in the combination of steps in the process, not any one thing on its own.

You see, it's not your fault that your struggle to see your work become something generating cash and benefit to you and others. I don't know anyone else who has put this entire process together, In truth, most people who do this don't teach their formula! Lots of entrepreneurs don't ever figure out EXACTLY what they did to succeed. So, most of time you only get a piece of the story.

Remember the story of how DaVinci always put at least on mistake in his diagrams? A smart person with enough experience could find the error AND figure out how to fix it. Unfortunately, a lot of business education is just like that--with no bad intentions. I can tell you first hand that taking something you're really good it and translating it into something for someone who's never done it before can be a real challenge. For some people, it's not worth going through this "deconstruction" process.

I believe it is worth it because small business has the power to change the world. And I want you to experience that feeling and reality. The best time to set up a successful business venture is EARLY and FAST.

On your own, this is a lot harder. For example:

  • Will you create an offering you can be 100% confident and excited about?
  • Will you use words to describe your work that are hot, powerful, and honestly motivating to your clients?
  • Will you find the most incredible techniques for talking to your potential clients so it's never sales-y and they purchase from you rather than feeling sold to?
  • Will you be taught how offer valuable "free samples"?
  • Will you learn how to turn those free samples into happy clients?

It is IMPERATIVE that you get all of the pieces of the puzzle because if you don't, you WILL find it over-the-top harder to Create andLove Your Businesstm than you can even imagine. And getting to a real payday from that business? While lots of people domake money in their business most of them don't have a life outside of business--NOT a good thing for anyone.

That's why I'm now ready to share these secrets! You're about to get my entire system for creating, launching and making money with your idea (and you can do it best by using your heart and passion to get you TO the success piece).

"Create AND Love Your Business"

You're about to learn my clear, proven, step-by-step plan that teaches you EXACTLY how to make money with your expertise so you can enjoy your life, your business, and help more people.

Whether you've had a business venture before or are brand new at this kind of thing, you'll discover tips and techniques that you can over and over again to turn your brilliance into offerings that meet the needs of your clients and bring money into your life. All you need to do is follow my step-by-step system to see the results in YOUR business!

Here's just a sample of what you'll get when you dig into this sytem:

  • The unknown, SURPRISING decisions you must make before going any further that literally determine how well you do with your life and this business.
  • The questions you MUST ask before putting any money into the business process AND I'll teach you who to ask so you make double sure to Get the Right Answers.
  • How to define your offering so people want to give you money for it.
  • My simple formula for first-step branding that doesn't cost you a penny to start using.
  • Pricing for single services and packages? How and why do you make these choices? I'll teach you exactly how to create your baseline pricing.
  • And more!
You might be thinking, well, I'll just go it on my own for a while right now. What with the economy and the pressure, I need to just keep it lean. What can you expect if you go forward without this information?

Without the all of the pieces--assembled from my successes AND failure experiences--you can expect to experience:

  • Working a lot of hours
  • Smaller and fewer sales
  • Frustration over high investment of time and energy with little return
  • Making money through effort and accident with no ability to repeat your success
  • Marketing and promotions that only COST you money and rarely make you any money in return
  • Reaching a point where no amount of money is enough to keep going
  • Burn out and quitting

Best of all you really don't need any experience to make this work. You don't even need to have an idea what business you want to do. I'll teach you my very specific formula to first CREATE the best business reality for you right now.

And I'll teach you the EXACT steps to DEFFINE the business so you get clients and have fun! That includes...

  • Learning client-speak--it's literally different for each business, you NEED to know this for your own success.
  • Sales Communications Basics--these "best ever" ideas will rock your world when it comes to talking to clients.
  • 2 Simple Secrets for managing your day so you'll never wonder again what to do when, first, last, etc.
  • 2 Powerful questions for follow-up that can turn maybe into yes and get the right people coming back over and over again.

So now maybe you're wondering, "Heidi Sue how EXACTLY are you going to teach me..."

  • Create a business I really like
  • Define offers that people will actually buy
  • Launch my business with clients on the very first day?

Valid question!

Here's my answer:

I've designed this training to go much deeper than an "in-the-box" or a book that gets you all excited and then leaves you alone to struggle your way through finding the time and the focus to put everything into play that you'll learn.

I'm going to hold your hand through the entire course--and beyond! It's not okay with me that you "get" a pile of information and don't have the real opportunity to put it to work for you creating the success you dream of and deserve!

Take advantage of Early-Bird Pricing of $997 until 2 PM October 20, 2009. After that, the cost to join is $1497 AND enrollment closes December 1 at 2 PM for the LIVE program! Click here to enroll.

Here's the SPECIFICS of how we're going to do this...together:

1) Live Teleseries Training

First, you'll join me for 12 scheduled live training calls where I will walk you step-by-step through the complete activities outlined above. To make sure you're absolutely clear, you can email me questions that I'll answer at the end of most calls and we can also interact through the forum. There'll be no reason for this program to become another shelf-sitter. You'll have plenty to do and each activity, I promise, will create huge rewards for your business.

2) Exclusive Online Support Forum

While that's happening you'll participate with me and the other brilliant (re)Create & Love participants in my exclusive Online Support Forum.

You will not be going-it alone. You'll be amazed at the support, friendships and mutually beneficial business relationships that can be created through the forum. I've had this happen over and over--for me, many programs I get equally great value from the online community. Plan now on checking in with the forum for at least 15 minutes a couple times a week.

3) Sample Materials to Model

I will provide you with additional, downloadable examples of tools and techniques beyond the course manual. I'm constantly creating new and better ways of managing things--these updates will be available through the forum.

You'll also find the weekly updates here to download, study and use between calls.

4) Saver-Secrets Contact Resource List

Here you'll get resources ranging from "you gotta get this" most of which are free, to contacts with businesses and people who can fill in the gaps for things you want in your business and it's appropriate for someone else to provide for you. I'll give you my best recommendations and so you'll save time and money figuring this stuff out.

5) MP3 Playbacks and Transcripts for your Success Library

You can download the recorded calls and transcripts to use as often as you like.

6) Create and Love Your Business Tools

Each week you'll get to download another set full of tools, techniques, and specific things to do. The information is designed to inpsire you, keep you on track, and turn your business launch or re-launch in to a POWERFUL and CASH-MOVING experience.

So on top of everything outlined above, you'll get THESE BONUSES:

(I don't believe in fluffy, useless add-ons, so each of these is chosen to specifically support and empower your desires for the program.)

BONUS #1 - A Members' Only Option to receive the hard-copy of the program once it's complete

You'll get CDs of all the coaching calls, printed versions of the Manual and the bonus tools that are offered through the forum. This will be provided free (you just pay the postage). This is a priceless success-product for your collection for years to come--you can complete this process for any idea you want to share and get paid for! The process doesn't "wear out."

BONUS #2 - Complimentary Year's Membership in my SuccessHeartTM Monthly Coaching Program!

This program is hot! HOT! HOT! for the first 8 weeks and then once a month I conduct a laser-coaching call with two guest entrepreneurs who bring their current challenges and needs to be quickly, specifically addressed to get these folks over the issues that are limiting their business right now. I personally make sure I get in on every call I can just like this with my 7-figure mentors. This is a quick, effective way to learn the easy way. And access to this program is included as a bonus with your participation in (re)Create and Fall in Love with Your Business. Everyone else is paying for this privelege, And it's my pleasure to offer it to you as an additional way to increase your success potential.

And... that's still not all!

If you know me, you know that I completely trust my intuition and gut to tell me what's best for me and my business. (Both saving and making me money!) So I LOVE to reward people who are willing to invest now, deciding to go for their dreams and get what they want.

So the first 97 of you who take that action and invest in yourself, you will receive...

BONUS #3 - Complimentary 20 Minute Consultation to increase Your Mental Leverage!

Andrea Spence is one of my business associates--and she's amazing. This woman knows how to make things happen. She Rocks! And you have this amazing opportunity to speak to her 1:1. Her specific ability is showing you quickly, practically how to change those secret, hidden beliefs that always show up when you work on success. Her time is a great investment in getting your results faster and easier!

BONUS #4 - Secret bonuses gifts being designed just for you right now to make this value incredible!

Here's your Training Schedule:

Preview Call: Tues 10/20

Teaching Call: Thurs 10/22 Coaching Call: Tues 10/27

Teaching Call: Thurs 10/29 Coaching Call: Tues 11/3

Teaching Call: Thurs 11/5 Coaching Call: Tues 11/10

Teaching Call: Thurs 11/12 Coaching Call: Tues 11/17

Teaching Call: Thurs 11/19 Coaching Call: Tues 11/24

Holiday Break

Coaching Call: Tues 12/1

Teaching Call: Thurs 12/3 Coaching Call: 12/8

Teaching Call: 12/10 Coaching Call: 12/15

Teaching Call: 12/17

Holiday Break

Coaching Calls: 3rd Tuesday of February, March, May, June, July, September & October.

All calls will run approximately 75 minutes and will be held at 2 pm PDT / 5 PM EDT / 10 PM BST. All calls will be recorded and transcribed so you won't miss a thing

So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY because you’re just a few days away from the tools to start and create a successful business!

Yes Heidi Sue! I'm ready to make great money doing what I LOVE!

For just $997 I understand I'm getting:

  • Heidi Sue's complete system for easily creating your successful business. This will be covered in 8 LIVE telecalls ($1497 value, available for $997 until 10-22)
  • I also get access to Heidi Sue's Exclusive Online Support Forum, the tools and techniques I can apply specifically to my business.
  • Sample materials to model for jumpstarting business now and as often as you want.
  • MP3 Playback files and Transcripts you can download for your library.
  • Tools, Techniques and Activities in .PDF format to print and use as often as you like.

As a FREE Bonus, I will also receive:

  • A Member’s Only Option to purchase a copy of the complete program once it’s been recorded, printed and packaged in the amazing binder
  • Coaching Memberhship in the Success Faster, Spend Less coaching program—FREE for your support! ($432 value)
    If I'm one of the first 97 people to invest in myself today, I also receive:
  • 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation to support the changes you need to make on the inside to succeed!
  • Secret Bonuses still in development just for you!
    Plus I know I'm protected by your 6-Figure "I Love This Training" Guarantee.


OR 3 Easy Payments

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So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY because your SuccessHeart Business is just a few weeks away!
To your success,

Heidi Sue

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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