Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you "Try" or do you go the extra mile?

From CEO Space to Rejuvenate Training many people and organizations are growing the presence of Cooperative Business instead of the current model of Competitive Business.

What does this mean for us as entrepreneurs, practioners, and coaches?

The first impact is the call to become more authentic and more willing to be aware of our intentions at any given moment. During a networking event, are you truly able to ask and hear the answer to, “What do you need next?” and consider how you can support the speaker in getting what they need?

And if you hear that you or someone else you know is a resource for this person, to what extent are you actually willing to be supportive? Over the past few months, I’ve heard many people say, “I’ll Try,” when talking about connecting someone to another individual who might be of assistance.

Remember the last time you used this phrase. Get yourself into the same physical position: sitting, standing, leaning forward or back. Re-create the feeling of saying, “Well, I’ll try.” Do you like that feeling? How familiar is it?

As kids, we learn that “I’ll try,” is a way to tell someone else I don’t want to do it so I’ll do only a little bit. And then you won’t be mad at me for not doing what you wanted or ask. Maybe you don’t believe me…that’s okay. Test it! Re-experience as completely as possible in your body, senses and by repeating what you said as many times and with as many different scenarios as possible. Be open and willing to feel what you really meant by saying to someone else, “I’ll try.” We've all heard Yoda from Star Wars say: Do or do not...there is no try. This is so much the truth! "I'll try is a platitude to cover up and say other things.

You’re probably wondering, why does this matter any way?

It matters because if your reaction to doing something for someone, even if it was your idea, is the response, “I’ll try,” it’s time to realize some part of you doesn’t want to do it!

Will you actually go the extra mile to be a Cooperative Business Leader?

Will you tell yourself the truth? Forcing yourself to do something you don’t actually want to do is not that great for anyone. In some way that conflicted energy will rebound with everyone it touches.

When the urge or the words “I’ll try “ come up, you have a huge opportunity to go deeper into your own reality and find places to clean things up so you can be a clearer, stronger entrepreneur. Here are some great ideas for places to learn even more: Unmasking--A Workshop with Sally Churgel, and another option: All Pain is Separation and All Healing Reconnects with Lansing Barrett Gresham.

Will you take the challenge to go the extra mile with yourself—and with others? Spend a week listening for those priceless, insightful words and see what you can learn.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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