Saturday, October 3, 2009

What’s your best way to begin?

I got great lessons this week on dancing with the unknowns. My new coach/healer training program has my passion, my interest, and piles of intentions with it. And since it’s not even launched yet—October 22 baby!—it’s not an income stream.

And I learned a good lesson this week. One I really want to share with you. I feel that money is a way to exchange money, its how our culture quantifies how and what we do. Sure, there are probably better ways to do that, and its still the dance in most of the Western world.

I spent about two years building my healing and yoga practice. And by most standards, it went really well (I’m a big dreamer, so I was always looking for ways to increase my research). When I realized what I really called to was teaching others how to handle the business parts of being in independent practioner in ways that didn’t take over the work they love to do, I “got” that my touch and yoga teaching activities are really lovely hobbies. Well, this week I saw a couple of my core clients—those long-term folks who’ve been a huge support and help on the way and I feel really good about serving them in ways that continue to be okay with both of us. And I subbed a yoga class for a women who got married this weekend and couldn’t find someone to take her Saturday class.

And you know what I discovered? Since making money is something that really matters to me, I feel SOOO much better when even smaller amounts are coming in not just going out during the program development stage I’m in. What does this come down to?

Each of has a different balanced, healthy way to create and transition. Sometimes, maintaining some of the earlier activities will feel like holding back from the new effort. Other times, that bit of maintenance can really be a jumping-off platform. Likewise, when it no longer feels like a platform, it’s time to let those things go.

I discovered that as long as it feels ethical to me, still doing some of the “older” activities is actually really healthy for me. I feel more independent this way, more balanced, and actually more powerful to create the new space—since I don’t have to feel so desperate and pressured.

What is your best way to start your new evolution? It may not look like anyone else’s answer, and that’s okay. Notice when you feel supported and free, when you feel desperate and crazy. I believe in reality, a good balance of what has been vs. what will be means feeling some of all four! May you find your best way to move forward in your life.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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