Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ringing Heart Truth through Business

Sometimes confirmation and business experience happen in unexpected ways. Often, these are incredibly significant ways. Thanks to one that came to me today, I want to ask you: Do others hear your Heart Truth ringing through your business?

We each experience it differently when we heart it: someone says or does something that is so core, so essential to their individual truth and calling that we simply know on some level the same experience of truth. Maybe you find yourself nodding instinctively to someone another person says. Perhaps you want to hoot or holler or dance when you feel another’s deep truth expressed. Regardless how you recognize someone’s central self, this way of being is the difference between a business that you can love long-term and something that is simply a way to make some money so you can go do what you really want to.

Choosing a Niche Market is one of the most common messages and instructions to practioners and entrepreneurs today. And I do agree that this is a great, helpful concept. Basically, if you can’t describe a doorway into your services that another person specifically relates or refers to, being in business is tough. And there’s something even harder: settling on a Niche Market you love and can maintain before you’ve connected to your Ringing Heart Truth™.

If someone asks what you’re doing or what your work is, when you answer from the core of why you’re here and what you offer to the world, that bell of experience rings for anyone with the ears to hear it. When your mission is heard by someone else, trust me, it’s an amazing experience for both of you. And the person you’re speaking with can almost instantly tell if your work and their need is a match. (You will most likely still go through the usual process to find out about working together. But on some level, there’s no more confusion about match. Other confusions may came up!)

I was blessed to receive this experience today with another Teacher and Healer. I’ve been studying with her for a few months and needed some time off to re-invest in my own core truth: teaching people of heart and soul to succeed! Deborah’s teachings and products are amazing: not only are they beautiful but these gorgeous essences have so much to offer us. (check them out here)

Well, we ended up connecting by phone to be really clear on my time off from my studies. And what fun it turned out to be. That Ringing Heart Truth came out, I had the joy of being heard and received, and found I am able to support her work in the way that matters to me.

Do you know your Ringing Heart Truth that you offer to the world? This is so incredibly important it’s one of the reasons we spend the first couple of lessons on getting clear on this topic during the entrepreneur training program I offer www.ManagementRefugee.com.

Without this factor in your work, there will always be a missing piece—a significant missing piece. Whether your first and highest work is being a parent, an artist, an athlete, a gardener, or anything at all, your awareness and commitment to your Ringing Heart Truth is the number one thing you need to be successful. YOUR version of successful. Not mine, not anyone else’s, but the you who was sent here for a specific reason and purpose that we all need.

So I encourage you to find that Ringing Heart Truth and discover how to bring it out into the world. It’s your calling, our reward, and for your benefit that’s needed here, today.

Let your Success & Heart adventure begin…it’s never too late or too early!


Heidi Sue Roth

PS I'm not advocating early Christmas marketing, and I do love a bell in the heart ringing for all to hear!

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  1. Heidi, this is all so true! You've expressed it beautifully! The photo is perfect! xo diantha