Monday, November 2, 2009

Riding the Wave

Transition is the name of the game right now. Some economic indicators seem to be good news. On the other hand, some social patterns seem less inspiring. And even while the whiplash of news and information progresses, miracles and tragedies both happen on a community level.

So our current climate begs the question: Can you ride the wave? Even more pointedly, WILL you ride the wave?

Just about everyone I've spoken with over the past couple weeks has been in the midst of confusing, simultaneous experiences. "Yeah!" for one moment, and then crushing, "Ooww!" the next. When transformation of anything is happening quickly, we have the opportunity to dance with the unknown. Will the next thing lift you up? Will it drop you low? What can you do in response? How will you choose to authentic, strong, flexible? What does it mean to support your clients when you ride the maelstrom?

There is not a single answer to give or factor to calculate in this environment that's true for everyone. Except for one thing: how commited are you? How dedicated are you willing to be?

If your work and your professional independence are not a match for your core, SuccessHeart calling, this trial by extremes may reveal that mis-match. Accepting that and changing accordingly is completely appropriate.

On the other hand, if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your work is and that how you do that work is equally important, you get to explore the depths of your commitment, willingness and ability to trust Source to catch you when the wave crests over you. Those tumbles can be intense with lessons learned that have the potential for unimagined transformation.

Is money a challenge? Transform your relationship to it and see everyone respond in kind.

Is taking care of yourself a challenge? You can learn to value yourself and your gifts to create another kind of transformation wave.

Are you tired of doing a familiar dance with a long-term-relationship? Decide to change your steps, the music or both.

Or notice and ride your own wave of transformation.

Regardless, the question is will you show up with your board and other gear, and commit to the process of exploring riding the waves of your own life?

Or will you stay on the beach, just talking about surfing. The real test of success is heading out and picking yourself up again. The more waves you ride, the more likely you are to succeed. It's time to enjoy the economic wind in your hair, the sting of social expectations in your face, and the sense of your own feet and balance on the board of your experience.

Can you ride the wave? Will you ride the wave?

See ya' out in the surf...

Heidi Sue

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