Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pick a Niche...You'll be Rich. Is that True?

There's a saying that goes something like this "Pick a Niche and you'll be rich, without a niche life's a...beach." (I'm sure you get the drift of the saying.)

Is that actually true? This is an interesting business marketing rule that seems to beg to be broken. Over the next weeks you'll find information here regarding what's really happening out there in the market place regarding niches and niche marketing. These articles are the result of interviewing people who are out there and really working their businesses in this changing economy and market. You're hear what they've experienced and learned about niche marketing and their business.

We can already see the contrast around us: Coca-Cola (TM) is basically a non-niche product even if you include the sub-products for different demographics and tastes. Then consider the bomb of New Coke: an example of channel breakout failure! Contrast that with something like cordovan colored Kiwi shoe polish. The group of people left on the planet who polish their shoes on a regular basis and own cordovan colored shoes is definitely a more specific group. Apparently the market has room for both.

Over the next weeks I'll bring you the ideas, experienced perspectives, and new concepts to find your way through the changes that are already sneaking into the Niche Marketing world. That way, you can be ready instead of surprised by these shifts.

Heidi Sue

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