Friday, November 6, 2009

Asking, and Receiving an abundance...

Are you doing the asking you needed to develop and maintain your business? If not, I want to inspire you with what's possible when you ask.

I recently had the opportunity and challenge to ask some people for assistance with a variety of projects and challenges currently on my plate. As a very independent female who enjoys feeling competent, asking for help is not one of my native virtues.

I have been completely blown away by the responses when I have simply asked. Each contact involved being very honest about the individual challenges. Likewise, to be okay with myself, I had to own that I needed help and acknowledge that there was always the potential to be told no--and be committed to not holding anyone emotionally hostage if they did say no.

What happened? Blessing beyond anything I imagined and the resulting magnitude of gratitude I feel at all the different ways people have said yes, they want to support me. Consistently, my network has been over-the-top amazing.

So what could happen in your business if you just asked for the opportunity to support someone with your work? With your gifts?

Did you ever think that by not asking to serve someone, they are missing out on the opportunity to co-created their growth, healing and well-being?

I continue to dare you to ask. No, I double-dog dare you!

Ask you you can serve. Ask how you can support. When someone describes their need for exactly what you do, ask if you can tell them a little bit about working with you.

Ask and you shall receive is true. Ask and you shall serve is just as valid.

Have a super weekend!

Heidi Sue

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