Monday, November 30, 2009

The Next Year's Economy--how can you make it during this time?

Welcome back! I don't know about you, but the holiday time was very tasty and way too much! Mom fixed our favorites and lots of things she only fixes occasionally. Even just a bite of each was a lot.

And as the year begins to wind down, maybe you're asking yourself how will I survive next year? As things move further into the New Economy (and make no mistake it IS here regardless what any pundits have to say we have not and cannot return to business as usual) are you wondering what qualities and tools you can use to do better than simply survive?

This post marks the beginning of a series about people who are using the principles and qualities of the New Economy to succeed. Keep watching for ideas you can use, and doorways to even deeper instruction on how you can translate these concepts directly into YOUR business! Today, I'm highlighting an article that shares tools and patterns that have the power to take you beyond just getting buy. Kirstin Olsen is an author, consultant, and national opinion-maker as she works with powerhouses such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kennedy School at Harvard University among many others. She has written an article about the skills New Learners need to do well in the New Economy. Guess what? They are the same skills you need as an entrepreneur in this market that is fresh, different, and waiting to recognized for it's existence.

Are you ready to learn what you need to succeed during the next year and beyond? Now's the time to consider how the same old advice IS NOT working. Once again, I saw multiple posts and releases today re-iterating the same old ideas. There ARE other options.

I know you're ready to new ideas, other directions and greater success. Here's a great place start. Please visit Ms. Olson's article--her New Learner tools are just what you need to be a successful New Economy Entrepreneur.

Wishing You Success and Heart,
Heidi Sue Roth

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