Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Power of Your Truth

Happy Thursday!

Is anyone else out there having an interesting week? Last week I had the opportunity to meet some very unexpected financial impacts. Sometimes breakups are messy and surprises might happen.

I bet you've experienced unpredicted money stuff at some time in your life, too. Like grief, there's a process to owning and accepting these events. When you're willing to learn, money is the perfect reflection of your life lessons. Whatever money-reality stubs your toe is a pattern that happens elsewhere in your life. (You can bet I'm looking closely into this for myself as this experience unfolds.)

And there's still something that's true. The power of your SuccessHeart is still available, still real-- even in the midst of these experiences. I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's happening daily in my life--nearly every hour.

I've written before about tapping into your mission for life, your calling for your work to the deepest extent you can. Your ability to feel and articulate your mission is a direct reflection of your success. It's impossible to under-estimate the value and power of doing this.

How do I know? Because I have both witnessed and experienced how people respond when the vibration of your work is a match for their needs. When's the last time you had conversations in less than 24 hours and found that 4 people took the next step in working with you? This may be setting up an appointment for a follow up, making a down payment, or whatever the next step is. Does this happen because I'm so great at conversations? Sure, I've got some skill in that area--and that's not the deciding factor. People don't buy a sales pitch. They want the connection, the support, the quality of the conversation.

You can create that just like I can. You may need to master some skills to get where you want to go. But crazy, mad skills without the focus, without the heart behind your work creates stress for you, your body, your life. You've heard and watched many people who had success and no heart some day come to their senses!

Have you found your core calling? The deepest reason for doing what you do?

If not, come one! Find it--and find an amazing door to changing your life, the lives of your clients and increased success.

Have a great night!
Heidi Sue

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