Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing the Numbers...

Some days it's good to remember that being is business is often a numbers came. Talk to enough people, you get new clients. Make enough offers, someone says yes (and I completely agree--no expect!--all of us to learn how to do this better, with more heart, and NOT fall into the slimy used-car salesman attitude; that will put your numbers in the dumps).

Often, those great ideas for new services, new ways of doing things get lost in the fear of not getting it right. From kindergarten to having a job, the training to do things the right way, or get the right stuff is intense! As you know very well, normal people do not make history, so it would appear being right will just make you more normal, not any more successful.

As I've been offering the free workshops--last ones this year!--on "Don't Pick a Niche"(tm), I can tell you I've gotten a wide range of reactions. One person even said he's coming, but he might want to through bricks at me. I suggested foam yoga blocks; that one everyone can probably survive the experience and stay positive. Am I being deliberately in-your-face with the title? Of course! Do I believe that picking a niche won't necessarily make you a success? With all my heart! There are so many reasons Niche Marketing is passe. Check out the live workshops (1-31 or 2-6) for your best learning experience, or get in on the TeleSeminar 1-30 so you can at least cover the bases (register at

Have you seen any Tim Burton movies? Bet you never thought about how many you didn't ever head on over to Seth Godin's blog and find out just how the opportunity to fail is one of the keys to success!

Wishing Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

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