Monday, January 18, 2010

Can we choose something other than Shock as motivation to change?

I was lead to The Shock Doctrine through Raj Patel's latest book. I'm about 100 pages into Ms. Klein's frightening book (lots of documentation so it might just be terrifying as this isn't stuff to just dismiss), and last night I noticed how much the idea that shock or extreme experience is required for a single person, let alone all of humanity, to change.

And my question is, can't we make another choice? I've seen this in persons who struggle to heal from a horrible illness or disease. I can't tell you the number of people I've met who try all the "main stream" stuff and get nowhere. Then finally begin exploring the alternative world basically out of desperation.

The most amazing part of the people I've met, and others have reported the same thing, is that 90% of people will do 90% of what will bring them health and healing. Only 10% of the people who seek to be week will do 100% of what is needed. Can you imagine? You're 90% better than you've felt in perhaps years and you absolutely refuse to do the last 10% that will make it unlikely you ever have to be this sick again.

And you refuse.

Well, I have to admit, I've seen the same issue when working with my clients. People often don't commit to the last couple steps to complete the transformation of their work. And this brings me to my point:

Perhaps as s species and for our planet, what we really need is to learn how to make choices and changes BEFORE it all comes tumbling down! Seriously, how messed up do you need something to get before you will take action to make a difference?

I think of a couple different points with this. I have a long-term friend who only buys a lottery ticket when the jackpots are insanely hight. Since I basically don't play at all, it's not something that really makes sense to me. What I tease this person about is that every one and their dog is buying tickets so whatever tiny, tiny change there is to win, has become completely insignficant. Add to it, really, an average American Family making maybe $100,000 between both people couldn't make any real change with ONLY a couple million dollars? Even if you took home only $500,000 heck, one could pay off a mortgate, create college fund, etc. (And yes, I'm completely aware the average winner is worse of in 12-18 months; that's something else completely).

What I'm pointing out here, is our belief and assumption that only big changes have value. This is such layered in our culture, that I have a strong feeling it's time to question this underlying assumption. Look at the news: big problems, big box office, etc. is what gets time.

Compare that with the well-documented reality that someone who looses weight slowly with smaller changes is more likely to maintain that weight-loss than someone who crashes it off.

So why must we insist that only big changes and big problems are worth our attention? How much more will you accomplish if you make one small change every day?

It's truly time to question our addiction to "shock" and the belief that this is what really makes change.

Choose one small change you can make each day and maintain for 30 days in your business. Track what you gain, and test it! You don't have to believe me. I suggest you try it though. Apply some of that scientific method to your own situation. Change one variable, notice the impact and decide to keep the change, add more, or let it go.

Begin reducing that cultural addiction to big impact is all that matters.

Wishing you Success & Health,
Heidi Sue

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