Friday, January 22, 2010

Betrayed by Untouchables (Rant Warning!)

Is there a way we can impeach Supreme Court members?

I realize that impeachment implies there was an election previously. Still, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling completely betrayed. Any illusion that remained that those appointed to the Supreme Court had the good of the people or the country in mind has been ripped away.

The frightening part is how this is so in line with the theme--and primary conflict--of 2010 and I believe even beyond.

What value does a group of elite individuals with the power to drastically change the quality of our live offer each of us? There is no effective way for the populous to communicate with this separatist-organization (and I do realize not everyone on the highest court bench in our nation agreed with the action to overturn the limits between business and politicians) but even those who voted against the measure remain untouchable. Even in their disagreement they are completely insulated from the experience of helplessness and pointlessness such action has created.

We have no way to communicate with them.

We have no immediately effective way to address this situation--THEY must approve the test of any legal change we manage to convince the benefactors of this action to enact upon themselves. And yes, I find that an unlikely event. Do you imagine any politicians have lost benefits or pay while the governments they operate have ceased paying salaries and benefits to employees or recipients? (Personally, I find this inappropriate, abusive and a bad way to do business!)

We have no reasonable means through which to divest ourselves of this travesty of how we want OUR country, the business reality in OUR commonwealth to be conducted.

When those who hold the keys to the kingdom so forgot what matters to those who live in that kingdom (don't you feel more like a serf or peasant these days?), the potential for outrageous change grows.

Do I hold with violent change? Completely, absolutely not. Do I sense the potential for that path increasing around me? Sadly, I do.

When it comes to value, those who claim to "lead" have little or no value to the average person at large. They are entrenched in their patterns and simply have lost the ability to really see, understand, or feel our reality. They have divested themselves of any value they could offer us.

What unique value do you have that you offer your clients? Will you commit today to keeping your focus on value rather than on only on cost?

We have already paid an inestimable cost for corporate personhood taking over the business reality of the world. The value offered no longer exists--and any costumes used to gloss over this truth are gone. As a friend and previous business partner would say, a pig in a dress and lipstick is still a pig. Clearly the pig have decided to stop dressing up and just let it all hang out (with my apologies to the porcine population who are actually amazing, smart creatures).

On a day when I feel sad about our future, committed to myself and my clients, I continue urging you to relate to value in every aspect of your life. Not simply the cost to acquire and offer goods or services.

Wishing you Heart & Success,
Heidi Sue Roth

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  1. Heidi, I met you at a MeetUp. I think our Founding Fathers had good intentions when they divided power among three branches of government to protect the people's interest. Over the years this system has been sadly skewed in the direction of protecting the interests of the top 5% earners in this country and the rest of us are required to bail them out of their excesses when things go wrong.

    As a country we like to claim that we want to bring democracy to developing nations. The sad fact is that we don't have any to bring. Ours is a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Can you spell p-l-u-t-o-c-r-a-c-y?