Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why SuccessHeart(tm) Anyhow?

I considered lots of words and names to describe the vision, passion and purpose I'm driven to bring into the world. The longer the idea of Success & Heart hung around, the more meaningful it became to me. The majority of people live with Success and Heart out of balance. Struggling between the two.

We are in transition. And there are so many needs, wants, and plans happening during this time. I firmly believe that one of the things that most needs to change is our relationship to success, money and well-being. Whether you frame it in terms of male/female energy, new/old energy or dark/light concepts, the bottom line is that the Healing Heart has been divorced from the realm of wealth and money for a very long time. (Sorry, there's no way I can be convinced that pharmaceuticals having anything to do with heart and healing. Not a chance.) This vacuum has been filled for centuries by those focused on themselves, on conquest, and other themes that did not fully benefit our home or ourselves. Most of us

And until WE heal this gap, this disconnect, the transition will be hard, volatile and in some ways dangerous. My mission is to learn even more on how to heal this for myself, model this revolution to others and teach what I've learned. It's about having both:

It is TIME for those who have the deep pockets to also have big hearts. In other words, heart, passion and service are worthy of reward. And the place to start is being willing to reward ourselves, to accept the blessings that we so often resist and avoid from some misplaced belief that it is inappropriate.

Who does more good with great wealth? The miser who acquires out of fear and selfish motivation? Or the individual willing to see the hungry, the destitute and forgotten with the ability to actually FUND something to change those conditions?

We have denied business as spirit, as life, as path. Our greatest teachers and spiritual leaders rarely accept the challenge. Some divorce themselves from this reality. Others fall prey to social pressures of "doing wealthy" in the established routine.

SuccessHeart is about business as spiritual path, as conscious commerce, as one of the final frontiers for becoming even more of who you are and serving others in the process.

Will you accept the challenge?
Are you ready to open your heart TO the path that is YOUR work, YOUR business, YOUR service?

Life, love and possibility are all smaller until we take this step.

I challenge you to become a SuccessHeart human...playing the game of life to your fullest capacity with the realization that today, there IS NO difference between you, your life and your work. So why not make it all about Success & Heart?

Heidi Sue Roth

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