Monday, September 21, 2009

Gotta Get MORE Habit

Do you find yourself hungry for ideas, information, ANYTHING that will turn things around for you right now? Do you ever find that there’s no way to get to all the TeleSeminars you’ve signed up for, hard to find time to read all the free reports you downloaded, find the time to actually make all those calls on my list, and on and on. I SO know this feeling and experience. In fact, I recently spent about 4 months wallowing in this one!

If you’re here, too, Stop! Watch! And Learn! This is completely a warning that you’ve got something is out of balance for your life and business. And there WILL be a price to pay. I cannot predict when you’ll have to pay that bill but I can guarantee at some point that bill will come due. Maybe that due-date looks like it’s time to pay for a program, a coaching session and you don’t have the money. Your client list has gotten smaller, or you don’t know what your next class is going to be about and who’s going to attend. Only you will be there when the bill is delivered. And lots of people will be impacted when it arrives. The world needs your gifts: I guarantee it! So if you can’t offer your services all of us experience the loss. Not to mention your family, friends and business contacts.

What can you learn here? First, stop what you’re doing for at least 30 minutes (an hour is even better, but 30 minutes will do if you need to make it faster). No phone, no music, no email, or anything else. Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the phone for one of these TeleSeminars or at the computer reading one of those reports. Simply observe yourself involved in this action. Then expand what you can see, open up your depth of focus to see the rest of your life that’s around you while you do this activity. What other things aren’t getting done? What people are waiting for your attention while you are busy elsewhere? And focus on these things in another way…while you’re busy with these self-education activities that have value and benefit, what also needs to happen that you deeply want to avoid?

Quick! Jot down those things you’re avoiding. Let the visualization go. Now consider what you’re avoiding, not having to do or become in order to handle these other things in your life and business?

Did you perhaps notice that you haven’t implemented any of what you’ve learned? Maybe you’re spending all your time acquiring information so you don’t have to do other things that you dream of AND resist. Don’t shirk or avoid telling yourself the truth. Honestly, no one else has to know what you learn. What matters the most is looking at what’s happening with a clear eye and figuring out what to instead or next.

What matters the most here is when you start to feel that frantic, I’ve got to learn more right now to save the day it’s time to look around and find out what we’re not IMPLEMENTING and a place to change our minds so that we do what grow our business not just our to-do list!

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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