Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the wind up!

The first part of this adventure begins! After resisting letting my gifts be offered to the world, I've accepted that challenge and the learning that comes with it. I teach practioners and business owners how to really create an offering that capitalizes on their Crazy Success Secret(TM0 so they have something that clients want, brings in money and creates the life each person has dreamed of!

And of course, when I put my intentions and plans out to Source, there's a check and balance system: the opportunities to use what I teach, to make sure I really mean it all come up and out to play. For example, one of my long-term friends from college came to visit this last weekend. She flew into San Francisco that's a complicated drive from where I live in Sonoma County. Our original plan was for me to take the shuttle down and meet her and we'd shuttle back together so we could talk and talk and talk our way home! Meanwhile, I was behind on housecleaning as I'd consistently chosen to spend time at work in stead, my fridge was seriously empty of having-company-food, and launching two new programs in two months is a LOT to do!

What turned out to be actually the best thing to do for my well-being and my business was to NOT get on that shuttle at 2:15 PM and keep working until my friend arrived from the airport at 7 PM. With this change, I could literally finish the big cleaning things (like getting the cat all her gradu OUT of the guest bathroom), tackle a few more things from my work-week task list so I could literally forget about it for the weekend, and simply relax and enjoy with my girlfriend.

Napoleon Hill talks about how the ability to make decisions and make effective decisions is one of the top skills of someone who's NOT an employee. I got a huge chance to step back, look at what would best met the needs of me as a trainer/consultant, a friend, a hostest, and a pet-family responsibilities! And out of it came a much better experience for me--and so of course, everyone else I spent time with this weekend--by being willing to ask the question, make an uncomfortable decision about changing my commitment to my friend, and investing equal amounts to home, work, and self.

The good news? It worked out great! By the time David, my partner came home, I was 95% done with all the burning concerns. We chatted, changed, picked up Jan and were INTO the weekend with a great dinner at Mary's Pizza Shack.

So when it comes to figuring out what to do and when to do it, here are my suggestions:

1. Step back from the urgency, the overwhelm: just set it aside for a bit, knowing you can always come back to those feelings if you actually need to.
2. Look at each thing you feel needs to be done and decide what's the benefit to you, the business, and others in your life.
3. Then look for where/how those values balance: while I ended up spending less total time with my friend, I was much more relaxed not feeling I'd left my business hanging with important things not done, and I got my house cleaned to a level that satisfied me.

This comes down to taking a break from the emotional/driven sensation of all these things you feel need to be done and going for more clarity about the benefit and value of each thing. balanced with heart, life, freedom and success!

Wishing you Success and Heart,
Heidi Sue

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  1. Heidi: lots of passion. That's good. I found, though, a number of spelling, grammatical problems and I'm concerned about that: blogs don't have to be perfect but they should be good.
    Let me know if I can help you with this.