Monday, April 12, 2010

You’re SMART if you hate Selling!

If you have a business of your own, I bet you face the Selling-Gremlin on a regular basis. Do you make yourself pick up the phone? (I know an insurance agent who gained a ton of weight with an oreo cookie award for each person he reached by phone). Maybe you force yourself to get accost people in public. Perhaps you drag yourself to one more useless networking event.

Recognize any of these symptoms? Then you have definitely met the Selling-Gremlin.

I know this challenge personally. In fact, it almost closed my very first business--10 times later I've learned a few things. This is a struggle many professionals face.

You see, you've got great reasons to hate selling. In fact, I am completely convinced that you’re actually SMARTER than the average bear if you really hate selling. You probably have had experiences that led you to this position.

· A pushy car salesperson handled you so badly that you either just walked out of the dealership (even though you really needed a car) or you lost your cool and pushed back. Hard.

· Some marketer called during a rare family meal. And talked and talked and talked—you didn’t even get a chance to say “No!” before a few minutes had passed. So again, you either just hung up feeling annoyed and frustrated or gave the caller a piece of your mind.

· You walk into a department store on a search-and-destroy mission. You needed one specific item: your goal was to get the time and get back to the rest of your life. What happens is down right crazy: you have to struggle through a gauntlet of desperate young sales people who want to squirt you with scents that sound weird and smell worse. It’s like getting through a log jam.

I've personally had all of these experiences and hated all of them. See, here’s the deal. The standard sales practices are all built on older, out-of-date behavior models. You’re tired of them, along with everyone else, because they are designed to work a sale through our survival instincts. The approaches are completed designed to tap our most basic “safe group” behaviors. And the chemistry that comes with this experience in both body and brain are not pleasant experiences.

Fortunately, in the past couple years new studies have come out that support other ways to handle the sales process. In fact, much of what we’ve learned is about NOT selling. Your success, instead, is more about being human, being who you really are.

What you hate is how it feels to be part of that old, outdated sales model. So if that’s what you know about selling, you’re being completely smart to not only hate it but to stop doing it. Your best bet when you present your services or product is be an honest, caring human being.

That’s a relief huh? More tomorrow on the NEW Secrets to Selling!

Wishing you Success & Heart,

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