Monday, April 12, 2010

Secret #2 No more closing--succeed by opening!

Do you hear that phrase, “closing the sale” and cringe? Me, too. Personally, I feel like I’m cat with my tail in the door and it’s slamming closed before I can twitch past the door jamb.

This is another area where tradition and let’s face it, self-serving instructors, have worn everyone one out. Just like the long-standing “divide and conquer” tactics employed by many businesses, the ideas behind closing simply don’t fit any more.

How many times do you think you’ll got more business from someone if you “close” them?

Do you like how it feels to be closed or to close on a client?

In reality, the best “sales people”—and I use that term loosely because they aren’t actually selling—are all about keeping things open and flowing. The difference between closing and opening comes from a specific change. (First, get on board with the fact that you’re not selling any more!)

Closing implies that once the deal is done, it’s over. Sign on the dotted line so the Lounge Lizard (who can be male or female) gets a commission. And badda boo badda bing, it’s over. You’re screwed. (Well, how it seems to me anyhow.)

You want to know the truth? Any business or professional that wants to stay open long-term knows that this is actually just the beginning. Getting the contract, the first payment, whatever it is only means someone has trusted you enough to get started with you. It does NOT mean you’ve got a happy customer.

Even the big dogs out there struggle to get this one right. It’s one of the easiest places for you to shine as your small, responsive entrepreneurial self. The initial sale is truly just the opening. It’s buying the ticket to the show. The audience is not yet satisfied. So forget about closing. First of all it’s not actually true: nothing is closing. Second, if you want to make fewer new client-contacts (they take the most energy and cost you the most money) let that first exchange of money be the opening overture to a long, beautiful relationship with a client. Commit to accomplishing Long Term success!

What do you think? Are you ready to stop closing, or even feeling that you need to close a sale? Give up the pressure. What really matters is being open to continue the conversation. That is the most important thing for you as a business person.

There you go…a selling secret that sounds crazy--make your life better and increase the likelihood of success.

Wishing you Success & Heart,

Heidi Sue

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