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New Entrepreneurs, Secret #4---Finally!

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While it's fun to discover what I thought was a blog post is actually an entire book, or at least a large chapter in a book, it's an interesting experience to write and write and write...and know there's more to put down to actually complete the idea. And then create an edit that's useful for others while not 100 pages long!

Here's the first slice of the Kinds of People you need to success as a New Entrepreneur and WHEN You need them!

Secret #4 It’s not just who you know, it’s how and when you tap that connection

Another business truism is “It’s now what you know, it’s who you know.” I agree with that statement to an extent. I suggest you add that timing matters as well. When you tap your connection resources is just as important as having connections!

You need a few different kinds of people around you and your business if you want to succeed. To boost your success potential, be specific about timing your conversations with the various types of people who support an Entrepreneur in different ways.

What matters most is carefully choosing when you tap your personal resources of people and connections. Connecting too soon or too late for different kinds of people you already know is potentially a large factor in succeeding—or failing--as a New Entrepreneur. These are the types and times to reach out:

The Seer: The Seer is another person who can see your vision. He or She gets excited with you, for you and about your dream. You do and will continue to need this kind of support on the journey.

When you need this person: Regular check-ins and support from this person weekly or a few times a month with one or 1x a month with a couple of these people is essential support

The Aggregator: The Aggregator is someone is can actually be a little confusing to have around. This is one of those people who constantly shifts the different aspects or qualities of your venture are gathered up by an Aggregator. You may feel confused by all this person takes in at first. And if you're looking for a good lawyer, consultant or coach, this is who you want. (And yes, that's definitely the kind of person I am.)

When you need this person: At the beginning, regular, consistent contact is key. If you ever feel it would be helpful to have someone keep you on track and maintain your progress, an Aggregator is really helpful to get you doing THE key things not just all the busy stuff!

The Connector: This kind of person has more contacts than you can imagine and when they hear about your business what comes to mind for them first is someone they want you to meet. This person loves to provide introductions and they are priceless.

When you need this person: Connect with this person towards the end of your development/organization phase. Have a clear idea of what you want to do even if you don't know how before approaching the Connectors in your life.

The Analytic: This person gets into the details and frequently it feels like your vision and motivation is being torn apart. As a result, you are probably tempted to avoid them. Don't! This perspective is priceless. He or she finds all the gaps between steps or logic and points them out to you.

When you need this person: Any Analytic that you have in your life is your best support when you need to be sure that business presentation needs to be flawless, clear and persuasive to a point. If you want to make fewer mistakes and spend less money along the way, invest in honoring this person at these key times in your evolution as an entrepreneur.

The Client: The client is a person you know or meet who clearly needs what you offer. If you meet new people who are potential clients, practice listening more and speaking less. Perhaps you have an existing friend who is also a match for your work, Stop there. Let that person come to you in their own time. This is one of the hardest "sells" in the biz, so don't make it harder.

When you need this person: Engage with a potential client once you can describe what you do in less than 3 sentences and who you work with in 2 lines or less. Since the key is listening more, you're not ready for these conversations as a New Entrepreneur until you've started to get clear and concise. So, don't wait--this will change a lot over the first couple of business cycles. Start now and be ready sooner.

The Influencer: The Influence in many ways is a blended person or function. This person may also be strong in any of the previous traits. The Influencer connects you with people, but he or she does it in a completely different way than a Connector. An Influencer brings others along. Perhaps without even being a client.

When you need this person: You rarely have a bad time to spend time with any Influencer you know. For this relationship to work for everyone you need enough organization and confidence to be professional and effective. You do not need to be perfect. You need to have the tools to be ready to accept clients.

There you have it! These are the five kinds of people you need to support you as an Entrepreneur. Of course, as the book grows, I'll record the questions, conversations and tools I've used for a couple decades with these folks to grow my own businesses.

Have a super weekend!

Heidi Sue

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