Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spend Less, Make More: Get Great Graphics for Less

Happy Tuesday!

I've got a great tip for you today--a specific way to spend less on your startup. You see, being a StartUp Genius (TM) means spending less and making money faster.

When it comes to quality graphics, this can be a big challenge. You don't want to just look cheap and cheesy. But spending a couple grand for complete custom design during the first 6-24 months is a waste of money.

So what's a savvy StartUp Genius to do?

Check out great, competitive sources. The market for great images is highly competitive. Some folks participate in "clearing houses" where you can get great deals on images for your marketing materials, your book, or your printed business materials for small prices.

May favorite source so far is Dreamstime.
">Dreamstime.com. I'm recommending them today for a couple different reasons.

  1. You get more choices than you can imagine!
  2. You pay based on the size of the image you want to use rather than a single flat fee.
  3. Each purchase includes a certain number of impressions and ways you can use it.
  4. The images are very high quality.
  5. You only need $10 to get started
  6. You'll find this service is easy to use.
I don't make a lot of referrals or recommendations. I'm picky about what or who I put my name on. However, in this case, I've used Dreamstime for my own needs. It's been easy, very affordable and I've gotten great results.

That said, if you want affordable, high-quality images that just don't look like everyone else, check them out. I had over 50 different images to choose from AFTER I narrowed down my search.

Enjoy--it's a fun place to wander around.

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

P. S. Yes, they give me a free design if you decide to be a customer. Since I haven't used up my initial $10 in the past month, you can see my recommendation is simply about getting you to a great resource. I'm not going to retire off any "free image bank!" And it's too good to keep to myself.


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