Friday, May 28, 2010

How do you stay true to yourself in business?

Have you ever signed up for a business training program and find yourself mysteriously adjusting your business model and objective to what you see model by the instructors?

If you recognize this experience, be assured it's normal. And fortunately it's not even an unhealthy pattern--it's very human. You also want to be aware that this is part of the process you want to pass through rather than stay there.

You've probably heard that imitation is the highest form of flattery. There's another reality you want to notice: Imitation is part of how you learn. One of the ways you master a new skill is by modeling it--doing it exactly like you've seen demonstrated.

The process starts with enthusiasm, desire and motivation. As a result, you put on the new information like your favorite new outfit. And you wear it and wear it and wear it. You probably did this as a child--or you've watched your children go through that time in their life when that one piece of clothing is essential minute to minute.

What happens eventually?

That items wears out or the person finally grows out of the habit. It's same for learning a new skill or concept. The fastest, easiest way to learn it is modeling exactly what you see. Soon you begin to feel that it doesn't quite fit any more, or it's gotten too worn out, etc.

For a new business owner, the biggest risk is that you spend so long wearing the concept or skill you learn from someone else that it pulls your business and your energy off the center of your intentions. The way to avoid this isn't a big secret. It's just not discussed.

Your Values are the key to completing this process successfully. Just as people review their intentions or affirmations on a regular basis, keeping your values in mind on a daily basis is key. You can quickly compare the details of the new concept or skill you're learning to the essence of you and your business.

When the time comes that it's no longer a match, you can set aside the garment that was a brilliant hand-me-down from someone else and take the best parts with you to integrate in your business, your abilities. Staying true to who you and why you do your work at the same time.

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

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