Friday, March 19, 2010

When you let circumstances crack the whip...

You can end up with serious whiplash and not even notice what you've been missing. And so it's been with my blog posts here. I've been consistently surprised with how much I get myself involved with a loved one's battle with terminal illness. No, not a surprising realm for all the overwhelmed, sadness, anger, helpless and beginning to grieve that are part of the process.

It's how handy this as a place to let myself slide, really lessen my intention and forgot my focus. A way to conveniently loose tough with the other things in my life that really do matter. My work. My clients. My other relationships.

Having really tuned into this personal pattern, it's time to take steps to have room for the rest of my life in the midst of this process! All of me with all of the things going on.

Today, I encourage you to stop by another blog. Regardless your perspective of the dance between history that enmeshes conservatives, liberals and that slippery eel, the truth, it's tough to disagree with this assessment of how it works:

'What they don't usually add is how history is then revised by the politicians, gutted by the church leaders, molested by the power mongers, skinned alive by paranoid militants, poorly codified by the speechwriters and then spun, torqued and diluted by countless mealy "experts" before being shoved down the gullet of unsuspecting youth, where it is partially digested like so much liquefied school lunch meat, only to be wrongly half-remembered later in life by the most insane among them, who then quickly gets his own talk show on Fox News. And lo, the circle of life continues."

During my salad days, I had the chance to dig into some places where the difference between what data we can access is in distinct contrast to what was written under the guise of "history." I'm clear that history is written by the winners. It's no surprise that it flatters that same group or entity.

Agree or disagree, stay informed, stay open. Stay aware. Please go visit Mark Ford's blog and be part of the discussion.

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Coming tomorrow: It's time to wash the Affiliate Slime job out of my email box! Find out why...and what we can do to change the reality of partnering for success

Wishing you Success & Heart,
Heidi Sue

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