Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do you want to do with your Returnment?

I ran across this word-play today for the first time. Guess I was slow on Googling this term. My bad. And I love it. I’ve been in serious returnment three years now and didn’t even know it.

Success & Heart Training is literally the result of my taking an early retirement after selling off one of my businesses. I spent five years exploring, relaxing—sailing, what a life! I learned to succeed without working 20 hours a week, stressed out by the demands of Big Business.

I learned my lessons—and ended up completely bored! I missed being in business, doing business. I jumped back into the entrepreneurial world. Now, my inner Kick Ass Business Chick is overjoyed.

(Maybe you're retired but not done working, like this gentleman from Michigan.)

Success & Heart Training is a vehicle for being myself, using all my experience and gifts. And the most fun I’ve ever had doing business in over 20 years. While many would consider me young to be in “Returnment” it is still true. I don’t want to work 50-60 hours a week any more. Heck, in the past I managed to sometimes work an insane148 in a 2 week period. I’m not willing for that lifestyle any more. Are you in Returnment? Find out…you can read more here.

Success & Heart Training is designed to develop relationships, business relationships teaching you how to succeed in Returnment exactly how to do it. Thanks to repeat, entrepreneurial success I have a great foundation to work from. Here’s my very first suggestion:

If you’re getting busy advice from any source, always ask yourself, how might this advice NOT be true? How could this information NOT be appropriate for me and my business?

That’s perhaps the number one skill you need to succeed as someone who with professional success to repurpose that into your own, new venture (whatever your definition of success). I’ve watched so many people spend money following the traditional paths of business coaching and end up with very little except less cash. Like the current round of Chevrolet ads challenging the idea of “Everybody Says,” I encourage you to check and re-check if what you’re being told is true for you and your self-employed dreams. You can read and hear lots of familiar advice; not all of it is true, even less of it may be true for you.

Best wishes planning and creating your Returnment!

Heidi Sue Roth

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